Japanese Name: マカラ
Romanized Name: Makara
English Name: Makara
Manga Debut: Chapter 240

The Makara fought for the Emperor Ganishka and are controlled by Kushan sorcerers.

Appearance Edit

A form of pishacha, Makara are whales that are influenced with spirits of Kushan war elephants. This causes the whales to manifest elephantine attributes like long trunks and tusks that, with their enormous size and strength, make them very difficult to kill. The Makara were mainly used during the attack on the harbor of Vritannis.

Abilities Edit

Befitting their size, the Makara had massive strength, capable of smashing their way through brick houses with ease. In the same vein, Makara were incredibly dense and tough, and making lasting headway against them required quick thinking.

Makara were also capable of blasting water from their snouts in a high-pressure wave.

Story Edit

A Makara was first seen assaulting Guts' party at the beaches outside Vritannis as a last resort to kill them.

Later, a Makara would appear to block the same party's escape from the Vandimion mansion, where it would be slain by Guts, who drove his sword through its brain and blasted it apart. Shortly afterward, no less than five Makara appear in response to the elimination of the Daka Horde to block progress to the harbor.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Edit

Makara appear as a late-game boss in the 2016 game Berserk and the Band of the Hawk.

Makara appear only in the very last two chapters. Only four Makara will appear in the game, and two of these can be skipped without a skilled player even realizing they were there. One will appear as the boss for the beaches outside Vritannis in the chapter "Familiars". One will appear in Vritannis to block access to the harbor; once it is defeated, should a player fall too far behind the party in making it to the harbor, two more Makara will appear to further block access. However, these will not appear if the player leads the party.

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Notes Edit

  • The word "Makara" literally means "Giant Fish".
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