Magnifico de Vandimion Manga
Magnifico de Vandimion



Manifiko do Vandimion


Episode 251




28 (as of Fantasia) [1]


174 cm (5'9") [1]


69 kg (152 lbs) [1]




Guts' Traveling Party

Previous affiliation

Vandimion Family




Federico de Vandimion III (Father)
Lady Vandimion (Mother)
Farnese (Sister)
Giorgio (Brother)
Poliziano (Brother)
Serpico (Half Brother)

Magnifico de Vandimion (マニフィコ・ド・ヴァンディミオン Manifiko do Vandimion) is the youngest son of Federico de Vandimion III and Lady Vandimion. He provides comic relief later in the series.

Appearance Edit

Magnifico looks like a younger version of his father, having the same hooked eyebrows, nose, jawline, and curly blond hair. He is often dressed in the same regalia as would be found in the Vandimion family, including a cloth feathered hat, a ruffled collar, and an elegant necklace, though he loses much of this attire on the journey to Elfhelm.

Personality Edit

Magnifico is a member of the Vandimion family and thus was raised to have a well life and manners. However, he is shown to be a coward, easily frightened by things that he does not understand and hides anywhere when a battle begins. Magnifico was shown to dislike the fact that his sister has become a witch, shown when he expressed this every time she would cast magic.

Although generally good-natured and not particularly malevolent, he is still shown to be scheming, opportunistic and manipulative, as he uses anyone and anything to get what he wants. An example of this was when he used his own sister, Farnese and his childhood friend, Roderick in a marriage he arranged by himself, in exchange for getting Guts' new party a ship, without telling anyone to flip the table on his father who didn't "recognize his abilities".

Also, he is shown to be very greedy, using anything and any chance he can get to make a profit. When he found out the destination of his sister and her friends would be filled with elves, he tried to get Roderick to aid him to conquer, capture and sell the elves. However, Roderick wasn't interested and Puck heard everything, so Magnifico tried to bribe Puck with making him the new king of the elves only for him to be embarrassed comically by Puck. After witnessing a protection spell he stated that lots of money can be gained from teaching it.

His mother noted that Magnifico is becoming more and more like his father when he was younger.

Story Edit

Millennium Falcon Arc Edit

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Fantasia Arc Edit

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Notes Edit

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References Edit

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