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Magic in the Berserk universe is cast, generally, by witches and wizards. Besides these, elves can also cast magic. Magic is used through manipulation of the spiritual realm through od, which lays inside spirits and souls. According to Flora, the way of magic is "accepting the great mysteries and exploring the entire universe from within one's world."[1]


Elf Magic[]

Elves are capable of performing magical feats, such as healing wounds by creating medicine with their dust from their wings, known as elf dust. Although their size generally limits their usefulness in combat, they may also use a bright flash, acting as a flare to blind enemies temporarily.


Witches and wizards are capable of doing natural magic by using the four elements and the od. The od is life force and magical energy which is produced by the spellcaster. It is also known as "spiritual magnetism".

Here are some examples of mage spells, used throughout the series by Schierke and Farnese.

  • Protection Spell: Schierke draws a circle with her rope and places four items to each corner: purifying salt, magical stone, a jar and a chunk. After that, she draws a pentagram in the air a pentagram with her wand and says "Yodo hegh vau hegh. Adonai Tsabaut. Eghe hyeh. Argrah." to create a pentagram-shaped shield made of pure light which protects those inside the rope circle and repels enemies.
  • Fire Spell: Schierke uses her hair as a catalyst on the flow of od to generate fire. She blows her hair in the air. Every hair burns and transforms into a thin fire elemental. She used this spell to scare away trolls when Isidro, Casca and Farnese were in danger.
  • Communication Spell: Schierke uses her hair to communicate with her team mentally. By putting her hair on their fingers, all of them are unconsciously connected with the od force that she produces. Also, for a person who has never practiced thinking with images concretely, the flowing thoughts that have yet to be expressed with words will be obscured until they get used to it. It is possible to have a long distance communication by mastering mind talk.
  • Talismans: Talismans are strong charms which are created by using magic. There are many crafters and kinds of talismans. Schierke claimed Flora's talismans are the strongest among them. She can decrease the effect of the Brand of Sacrifice and protect people and houses from dark spirits the way elf abodes do. When Schierke charms a talisman, she says "Yodo hegh vau hegh"; and then she prays for the elemental lords to protect the surroundings.
  • Astral Projection: Schierke can travel between the world and the astral world. She can talk with the Elemental Lords and can also use their power. In this form, magic users have a special body made of light, which is called a "luminous body". With her astral body, Schierke can also reach for Guts' spirit, which allows to her control his anger and thusly the Beast of Darkness. When Farnese uses her astral body for the first time, she chants the psalm "Progredio ad lucem siderum" (rendered in the Dark Horse edition as "Progredio ado lukem sidelm"), Latin for "Stepping into starlight".
  • Elemental Control: Schierke can communicate and talk with the spirits of the elementals. Spirits are harder to reach in cities. This rendered Schierke unable to summon a spirit superior to a magic beast.[2]
  • Mind Control: Schierke can manipulate a person's od to confuse them and change their attentions. She can also paralyse them or change their behaviour.

Here are some examples of Mage spells, used throughout the series by Gedfring.

  • Summon Rain: Gedfring can swiftly manipulate weather. According to Schierke, greatly influencing nature usually requires a degree of planning and ritual.[3]

Most magic practitioners live in a forest of the Spirit Tree Interstice layer due to the weakened state of the limitations of the Physical World, meaning it is easier for them to control matter with the power of their minds.[4]

Kushan Magic[]

Ganishka, the harashada and Daiba are capable of performing Kushan magic (Kushan no Mahō). This system of magic differs from the one used by the likes of Schierke.[5]

  • Soul Possession: an ability of Kushan magic, chiefly used to control animal souls. User first performs a hand seal before controlling its soul, body and behaviour.[6] Then, an ethereal body inhabits the animal to create unique creatures such as pishacha and makara.[7] Their shape and strength is altered after the magic.[6]
  • Daka and Pishaca Control: the harashada are able to control the daka and the pishaca, forcing both to commit suicide.[8]
  • Garuda Control: Daiba is able to call and control the garudas as long as he's around them.[9]
  • Man-Made Beherit: a unique element which was created by Daiba after sewing together many apostles.
  • Other creatures which were created by Kushan magic:
    • Kundalini: a magic beast that could create towering water spouts to wash away its enemies, a power that its master, Daiba, utilized before summoning the creature itself.[10]

Here are some examples of Kushan magic, used throughout the series by Daiba.

  • Levitation: Daiba can float in midair by assuming a sitting position.[5][9]
  • Communication: Daiba is able to speak to the Black Swordsman Party members despite them not knowing the Kushan language, thus getting through the language barrier.[5]
  • Thought Transference: Daiba is able to transmit his thoughts to people nearby as a voice in their heads.[2]
  • Prolonged Submersion: By applying the secrets of yoga, Daiba is also capable of submerging underwater for about half an hour.[2]
  • Shielding: When Ganishka is twice transformed, while everyone who contacted Ganishka's foggy essence perishes Daiba survives by shielding himself with his own sorcery.[11]
  • Water Control: Daiba is able to create and control water spouts with brief spells and hand signs.[12] Schierke assumes the power of Kundalini allowed him to do it without chanting spells.[10]
  • Summoning Spell: By chanting "Om Amriti, Hum Patha, Kundalini" Daiba is able to summon the Kundalini.[10]
  • Mind Control: By using hand signs and touching the forehead of the subject with his cane, people are forced to do Daiba's bidding. They retain their awareness.[13]
  • Animal Control: Using a brief spell and a hand sign, Daiba can control animals, such as horses, snakes and rats.[14][9]

A male Kushan magic user may be known as a sorcerer by other Kushans. Daiba refers to himself as a "high sorcerer".[9] Foreigners may deem him as a wizard.[12]


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