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Though two people hold a grudge, in the end they are the same... Human. I expect, if you make your place in this band... you will come to know that your former enemies are not so different from you.
– Locus[2]

Locus, renowned as the "Moonlight Knight", is an apostle who serves in the Band of the Falcon as captain of the army's lancers. Off the battlefield, he is Griffith's immediate auxiliary in political affairs.[4][5][3]


Locus is a stoic figure and is focused and calculated both on and off the battlefield. He possesses a sense of logic, wisdom, and self-control that is rare among apostles. He also has a high sense of honor and integrity, which compels him to denounce those who fail to answer the call of duty as supposed protectors of Midland during the Kushan invasion of the kingdom.[6]

Before swearing loyalty to Griffith, Locus never submitted to any single master.[2] Since then, he has devoted himself to Griffith and has faith in his leader both as a God Hand member[7] and as a ruler;[8] indeed, he believes wholeheartedly that his leader's actions are for the betterment of the world.[4][8] Above all, Locus seeks to fulfill Griffith's will and further his dream, fighting on Griffith's behalf against all who oppose him.


Locus is a warrior celebrated as the "Moonlight Knight" and considered to be a living legend. He is famed as the mightiest of knights, boasting an undefeated record in countless duels and contests, and known for never settling on any one master. It is said that the sons of warriors grow up on bedtime stories of his heroism.[2]


Millennium Falcon Arc[]

Guided by an oracle to seek out the Falcon of Light, Locus travels to the western Midland city of Shet to seek out Griffith. After swiftly killing several Kushan soldiers in a single thrust of his lance, Locus introduces himself and offers his service to Griffith, who accepts.[9] While in battle, Locus massacres numerous Kushan soldiers, and afterward, kneels before Griffith, along with Zodd, Grunbeld, and Rakshas, in a pledge of allegiance to the Falcon of Light.[10]

At a later time, Locus and his lancer unit assault the Wyndham palace, easily breaking through the Kushan lines. The knight and his forces are then confronted by a large number of daka and Emperor Ganishka himself. Speaking to the emperor on the grounds of being an apostle, Locus questions why Ganishka opposes their master, Griffith. After Ganishka proclaims that he has no intention of submitting to Griffith, Locus and his lancer unit assume their released forms.[11] However, though they easily dispatch the daka and pishacha elephants, they are unable to stop Ganishka after he manifests his own released form and slaughters much of the unit.[1] The dire situation is a part of Griffith's plan, however, as he and Zodd break through the Tower of Rebirth's roof and rescue Princess Charlotte from Kushan captivity while Ganishka is occupied. With the princess rescued, Locus orders his unit to withdraw.[12]

When Vritannis is attacked by the Kushan Empire, Locus participates in the Band of the Falcon's defense of the city, riding at the fore of the band's charge with his lancer unit.[13] After the successful defense of the city and Emperor Ganishka's retreat, Locus is at Griffith's side as Midland noblemen and Holy See officials interrogate Griffith for his recent seizing of military power; the knight denounces the noblemen's cowardice during the Kushan invasion and their improper conduct as supposed protectors of Midland.[6]

Locus later accompanies Griffith, Princess Charlotte, and the pontiff's entourage, discussing his views on the holy war with Mule.[4] Later on, he witnesses the skyscraping form of a twice reincarnated Ganishka towering over Wyndham.[14] Locus is one of the many "War Demons" who fight alongside human soldiers against Ganishka's spawn.[15]

Fantasia Arc[]

Sometime after Rickert arrives in Falconia, Locus meets with the youth and inquires what Rickert intends to ask Griffith upon meeting the White Falcon. Locus then shows Rickert the domain of Pandemonium behind the citadel of Falconia – an arena where Griffith's War Demons fight in deathly combat against the monsters they have captured in order to satiate their bloodlust.[16] When Rickert meets Griffith, he slaps his former commander across the face. This infuriates Locus, but Griffith signals Locus to stand down before the knight can retaliate against Rickert.[5] Despite Griffith brushing off Rickert's rejection, Locus remains vexed by the incident. At a later time, Locus participates as a member of a council of Falconia, and provides a status report on the new Midland Army's land reclamation efforts.[3]

Continuation-specific information begins.

Some days later, Locus and Grunbeld gather on the outskirts of Falconia meeting with Irvine, Sonia, and Mule, awaiting Griffith and Zodd's return. Upon their arrival, Locus and the other ones kneel, welcoming Griffith back.[17] Sometime after returning to Falconia, Locus, Irvine, Grunbeld and Zodd meet with Griffith in his palace, with the White Falcon merely stating "the East", prompting Locus to respond with the same phrase.[18]

Continuation-specific information ends.


Released Form[]

Daka v BOF

Locus in his released Form fighting the daka.

When Locus assumes his released form, his body combines with that of his horse, giving him a centaur-like shape. This body has a silvery metal sheen, with many hooked protrusions. Additionally, his shield joins with his left arm and his lance lengthens and flattens into a blade-like shape.[1]


Manga E233 Locus Killing Frenzy

Locus slays approximately ten daka in one strike with his transformed lance.

Locus' weapon of choice is a large lance, which he is masterful at wielding in combat. In his normal form, he can generate enough force behind his lance to fell several enemies in a single strike. In his released form, his lance transforms into a thicker, sharper version of its original state, and his already masterful lancemanship becomes even more destructive and efficient.[7]


In-line with his self-controlled nature, Locus leads those under his command with a calculated calm unrivaled by his apostle cohorts.[11]

Speed and Agility[]

In his released form, as a consequence of merging with his war horse, Locus gains the speed and agility of his horse for himself while remaining free to use both of his hands to combat enemies with his transformed lance.[7]


  • According to the Berserk Official Guidebook, Locus is estimated to be 200 cm (6 ft, 6 in) and 110 kg (242 lb) in his normal form, and (including his war horse) 300 cm (9 ft, 8 in) and 520 kg (1146 lb) in his released form. (NOTE: The Berserk Official Guidebook is highly questionable in its veracity.)
  • Thus far, Locus is the only apostle to accompany Griffith during formal or high social occasions.[4][5][3]


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