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Lady Vandimion is mother to Farnese,[1] Magnifico,[2] Poliziano, Giorgio[expl 1] and also wife of Federico de Vandimion III.


She is a slender middle-aged woman who carries herself with dignity at all times. She wears expensive clothing and jewelry, namely a fontange on her head.[1]


Lady Vandimion is shown to have an astute eye for analysing the personality of other people such as his husband, her daughter[1] or Serpico. She is also able to detect that that the relationship between Farnese and her servant is an uncommon one, as Serpico himself notices.[2]

Seeing herself as someone who has been a "bad example from which to learn" in the past, she gives Farnese words of advice about what path she should take in life. She even says that, despite being absent in Farnese's life she is proud of having a daughter like her.[1] She shows a disdain toward the behaviour of the male members of the family. In particular, she sees her husband as a weak "slave to the world" due to his scheming, fearful of what he cannot comprehend[1] and that he is not one to listen, leading him to sorry situations.[2] Lady Vandimion also expresses a romanticist fondness toward "stalwart soldiers"[1] and "the scent of the forbidden", in regards to the relationship between Farnese and Serpico.[2] She also feels "a little envious" of Farnese's position as someone who trusts others more than her own family, having overcome her neglected childhood.[3]



She was absent daily during Farnese's childhood, spending most of her time in dissipation.[4]

Millennium Falcon Arc[]


Farnese and her mother converse.

Lady Vandimion's appearance interrupts a conversation during Farnese and Serpico's conversation in the gardens of the Vandimion Family estate in Vritannis. When asked about her stay, the woman explains that, in her pursue to avoid the winter cold, she sailed around the Southern Islands, eventually visiting a Vritannis on the verge of warring against the Kushan Empire. She then asks her daughter about how she left the Holy Iron Chain Knights and the conversation veers into talks of her being bethroted to Magnifico's friend, Roderick. According to Farnese, Federico is not aware of the betrothal. Farnese's mother asks what Farnese thinks of Roderick. Farnese can only reply that Roderick described her using the word "interesting". When questioned on whether she has someone who she finds interesting, Farnese thinks of Guts. Noticing her now-calm daughter is unlike the girl who drove the head of the Vandimion family over his edge, she reveals to Farnese that her father fears her because her unpredictability meant she could not be subjected to his schemes, freely expressing it though unexpected behaviour. Finally, she confides that Farnese has the capacity to become a very kind person due to knowing the pain of a very neglected childhood. A manservant arrives and interrupts theor conversation to inform Farnese that her coach has arrived - she's been instructed by Magnifico to attend a high-profile ball. With Farnese's approval, and pondering on Magnifico's words, Lady Vandimion decides to accompany her daughter there.[1]


The Lady Vandimion having a conversation with her husband's illegitimate son.

During the ball, Lady Vandimion meets a shocked Magnifico on the balcony, him being unaware that she has returned to Vritannis. She surprises him further when she reveals that she knows about Farnese and Roderick's engagement. Seeing him react to her question on whether his father should not be privy to that information, she tells Magnifico that he is becoming more like Federico was in his youth, but warns that Farnese is not the type of woman who will play the pawn in other people's schemes and that he will be sorry if he does not listen.[2]

Lady Vandimion then catches sight of Serpico staring through the glass door, watching Farnese and Roderick dance. She remembers him as Farnese's servant, and noticed it has been a while ever since he came to the Vandimion estate. Serpico notes that it has been over ten years since then, and says that he has remained by Farnese's side since then. Based purely on this fact alone, Lady Vandimion comes to understand that he and Farnese have a special relationship, and that Serpico will always remain with her. With that, Lady Vandimion takes her leave.[2]

After the Black Swordsman Party slays the tiger pishacha familiars, Lady Vandimion muses on how her daughter being a witch surpasses her suspicions and concludes that Farnese is able to trust the group more than she has ever trusted her own family and that Farnese receives attention from them than she ever got from people within the Vandimion estate. When the assisting nobles are once again suspicious of Guts and his group, Federico silences them. His persuasion skills make Lady Vandimion realize that Federico has a presence of mind that far surpasses Magnifico's.[3] When the group leaves, Lady Vandimion notices her daughter and son leaving and silently wishes them well on their travels.[5]


  • She is the only Vandimion who is unnamed.


  1. ^ When Serpico reminisces about how he became nobility, he notes that Federico III speaks of "three men" (his half-brothers) vying to succeed him. So far, Magnifico is the only male sibling that is explicitly noted as being born from Lady Vandimion and Federico.


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