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The Kushan scouts are a part of the Kushan Empire.[1][3] They are ofen seen under the surveillance or accompanied by tapasa and Silat.[4][5][3] Judging by the words of Silat when urging them to finish their duty, they belong to the Bakiraka clan.[6]


They are clad in various fabric pieces. Of note are their dastars and the clothes that cover their bodies and conceal their weapons. Furthermore, they sport bandages on their legs. Underneath their clothes, their torsos are crossed by two belts reaching over their shoulders. A third buckled belt is connected to their pants.[1]

They also carry a vast array of weapons, such as valaris, pesh-kabzs, chakrams, haladies, katars, moplah swords, piha-kaettas, chilanums, zirah bouks, spiked swords, short spears[1], jambiyas, talwars, bichuwas, kukris [4], kards, kris, ropes[5] and bows with laced arrows.[7]


The scouts are skilled in carrying their operations in silence, easily assassinating a group of bandits in the blink of an eye.[1][3]


Conviction Arc[]

In an abandoned village, Isidro finds himself in trouble when a group of Kushan scouts pounce from the rooftops of the village and slaughter the bandits whom he was stealing food from. When a scout finds Isidro's hiding place and is about to kill the boy, his attention, along with every other scout, is drawn by the arrival of Guts, his eye never leaving the scouts'. Four of them attack him at once and end up being massacred by the Black Swordsman.[1] Guts, who is not aware of who the Kushan scouts are loyal to, simply asks them to clear the way so he may pass through the village. He determines that his request has been denied when a scout jumps from a rooftop in a surprise attack. Guts raises his prosthetic hand and punches the scout's face. After a few failed attacks, the Kushan surround Guts completely and attack at once. Guts then massacres the entire scout force.[4]

Having finally found the "Land of Oracle" (Albion), Silat orders a patrol to attack the survivors of the Incarnation Ceremony. Despite the disadvantage due to the fatigue from last night, Guts charges against them, with Serpico and Jerome helping him fend off the scouts. Isidro joins the fight by throwing rocks at the scouts, saving Jerome from certain death. Two scouts manage to get around Guts and throw ropes over the women of the group. They are saved by the unlikely aid from Azan, who also survived the Tower's collapse. Before the fight can continue, from behind a wall near to the Kushan, Zodd emerges and stands in the middle of the scouts, who deem him as a "bada" ("evil beast", in Sanskrit). Guts glances up at the top of the wall Zodd crashed through, seeing the Skull Knight who points him to an incarnated Griffith.[5] Everybody present, including the Kushan scouts, gaze upon Griffith in awe. Silat, having found his quarry and eager to reinstate their Bakiraka clan, sends the scouts after Griffith and sees them all massacred by Zodd. Azan leads Serpico, Farnese, Isidro, Nina, Jerome and Luca away from the battle, killing any scouts who block their path. Meanwhile, Guts and Casca are completely surrounded by scouts.[6] The scouts disappear once the main Kushan army arrives.[8]

Millennium Falcon Arc[]

During Mule's induction in the Band of the Falcon, several hidden scouts stay on the outskirts of the nearby forest. In total silence, one of them extricates an arrow from his person and coats it in poison. He places it on the string of his bow and aims it directly at Griffith, whose back is turned. Suddenly, Rakshas appears behind them and threatens that they should not interrupt Mule's induction. He proceeds to massacre the assassins, which Zodd can hear from just outside the forest.[7]

Another patrol is seen perched atop a tree, prowling on the disguised population of Wyndham (then led to freedom by Laban). Jarif, a Band of the Falcon's espionage division member of Kushan descent, reaches out to Silat and the tapasa -who are on the front- as "the Bakiraka clan". After a talk between Silat and Jarif, the former lets then go and the Kushan take their leave.[3] Shortly afterwards, Silat, the tapasa and some scouts observe the final battle against a twice-transmigrated Ganishka and Griffith's forces. They liken Ganishka to Shiva, the God of Destruction.[2]




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