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Kundalini is a powerful astral serpent with control over the element of water.[1] The strongest of Daiba's pisacha gana[2], its power is so great that Schierke said it could be on a level fitting for it to be called a god from a polytheistic standpoint.[1] Kundalini was once harnessed by Daiba with the saying "Om Amriti, Hum Patha, Kundalini".[2]


The Kundalini appears to be a monstrous massive serpent made of water, and lacking facial features except for two brightly glowing eyes. However, this is merely its proxy body. Swimming inside its girth, its true body is a sea snake of average size, small enough to coil around a man's body. It subdues undines through the power of enchantment to create that huge form and waterspouts. This smaller snake also serves as its weak point.[1]


The Kundalini is described by Schierke as being of the same family as the kelpie, but on a much larger scale.[1] Its power over water was immense. It could create towering water spouts to wash away its enemies, a power that its master, Daiba, utilized before summoning the creature itself.[2]

Daiba likens its massive water snake body to the breaking waves that are said to crush stone. It also has the ability to pressurize water to a very fine point, allowing it refine the water to create blasts which Daiba described as being able to cut diamond. However, this assumes that no other force interferes with the pressurization. Schierke was able to block the water's cutting effect by calling on a spirit of fire, which surrounded her and Guts like a shield.[1]


The Kundalini was summoned by Daiba at Vritannis's harbor to destroy Guts and his companions after the latter proved to be able to combat his abilities with the Berserker Armor and his own prowess.[2] A battle ensued, during which much property was destroyed and the small band's lives were threatened several times. It was eventually slain through the combined efforts of Schierke, Serpico, and Guts, with the latter using himself and his gear as a conduit for the Wheel of Flame summon.[1]

The destruction of this beast enraged Ganishka into appearing in his apostle form.[3]


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  • The word "Kundalini" is from Hindu philosophy. It is a yogic term used to describe the power attained by mastering sexual desires. It is depicted as a serpent coiled around a lingam. The term is used in English to usually depict serpentine features. A snake is shown to exist within the giant serpent's head and seemed to be controlling the water.



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