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Kukka is a witch of Skellig island.


Kukka is as a young witch with dark hair tied into two braids, wide eyes, small eyebrows, and a small nose. Her attire consists of the same dark robe and witch's hat that the other magic practitioners wear, along with carrying the same gnarled wooden staff.


Kukka is the first to chastise Molda over her violent and pugnacious actions toward Guts and his party when they arrive in Skellig, and she seems to hold some measure of pride around the magical education of Elfhelm. She is fairly friendly and compassionate to the newcomers, making fast friends with Schierke and disliking Molda's rudeness.


Fantasia Arc[]

Kukka is first seen, though only in shadow, as Molda begins her assault on the island's intruders, worrying that her fellow witch may be going too far in her attacks. When Guts slays the golems and Molda herself decides to attack, Kukka rushes forward to chide her for being so hasty and violent, a sentiment repeated by Gedfring a few moments later.

She introduces herself alongside Iony, Theune, and Molda to Schierke, and stays close by during the visit to Gedfring's manor, asking many questions and seeming to get along well with Schierke.


"Kukka" is Finnish for "flower".