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Kouji Mori is a Japanese mangaka known for the Holyland and Jisatsutou manga series. Following Kentarou Miura's passing, Mori supervises the development of the Berserk manga series along with the staff of Studio Gaga.


Kouji Mori was born in Tokyo, Japan on 28 November 1966. He met and befriended Kentarou Miura when they were children and remained close friends with his fellow mangaka up until Miura's passing.

Ever since the two were students, Mori and Miura would consult one another regarding their manga work. Early in Miura's career, roughly in the early 1990's, Mori was contacted by Miura regarding a rough draft for a climactic story segment of Berserk Miura was then working on. The work in question was the illustration of the Eclipse, for which Mori was shut in with Miura for several weeks as Miura developed and finalized the work. Mori has said that, from that point, the core story of Berserk was complete up until the last episode, and that it has developed effectively exactly as Miura divulged it would back then.[1]

As supervisor of Berserk's development and completion from June 2022 onward, Mori promised to only tell the story insofar as he can reliably recall being told directly by Miura himself; he says he will not "flesh out" any parts of the remaining story with conjecture to compensate for story parts he does not clearly remember Miura describing to him.[1]



  • Following Miura's passing, Mori released a one-shot as a tribute to his lifelong friend.



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