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Koka is one of the stops for Guts on his path of revenge as well as the only location featured for the Black Swordsman Arc in the anime. Also, Koka is the first setting in the manga and first anime series.


The town is depicted being situated within a plain, with rolling hills and riverbeds surrounding the exterior. Further out can be spotted mountaintops and forests at their base. The town features many small to medium size buildings incased within a walled fortress of sorts with an overlooking castle atop the highest hill within its foundation. The town has a handful of beggars in the streets and a tavern. Apart from the castle, there is a dungeon situated somewhere across the city that contains torture devices and a wretched holding cell lined with haystacks and leftover waste.[1]


Guts enters this town in search of the local lord, an apostle. After passing a caravan containing women and children prisoners, he makes his way into a tavern. Here he meets up with the apostle's bandits, who are tormenting the elf known as Puck by tossing daggers at him. Guts kills all but the leader whom he leaves alive for the purpose of relaying a message to their boss that the Black Swordsman has arrived. Some damage is caused to the tavern in this struggle.[1]

Guts makes his way through the streets with the elf Puck tagging along until the swordsman is caught by the local guardsman that are under the employ of the Mayor of Koka. They then take him to a dungeon where he is tortured until questioned by the Mayor, whom upon being found out by his deeds condemns Guts to further torture as long as the torturer desired. Meanwhile, the Mayor pays a visit to the apostle lord where the Mayor is whisked off. As Guts lays in his cell after enduring the pain of constant lashes, Puck shows up to help Guts out and after his freedom, he noticed outside that the town is on fire.[1]

The apostle and his men are raiding the place, killing everyone in their path and burning every building as he watches them suffer in a fiery inferno. Guts reclaims his weapons and starts an attack, slaying many of the henchmen under the apostle's employ and ultimately duels with the apostle himself. After a close match, Guts comes out victorious and watches as a collapsing building (that was already in flames) falls on the apostle and ultimately scorches him alive. As Guts walks off, there can be many bodies seen around him and Puck gives chase after this. Nothing is heard of Koka from this point on.[1]



  • While the town exists evenly in both the anime and manga, there are various differences that mainly have to do with the inhabitants. Color schemes, titles change and even some deaths are in different order.
  • Design-wise, Koka's castle exterior is based on real life Alcázar of Segovia in Spain.


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