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Episode 7
Master of Sword (2)


(1997 Anime)
Episode 5
A Wind of Swords

Japanese voice

Ryuji Mizuno (1997 Anime)
Rikiya Koyama (Movies)

English voice

Dick Bunting (1997 Anime)
Jesse Corti (Movies)



Hair color







White Dragon Knights


General of Midland
Leader of the White Dragon Knights


Adonis (Son)
King of Midland (Older Brother)
Charlotte (Niece)
Queen of Midland (Sister in Law/Lover)

Julius (ユリウス Yuriusu?) was brother to the King of Midland and was next in line as heir to the throne.

Appearance Edit

Julius was a tall and well-built man with long blonde hair.

Personality Edit

Julius was a brash and arrogant noble, who believed that commoners could never become nobles, no matter what. This led to him trying to murder Griffith. He also trained his son in the way of the sword so that he could become strong and a suitable husband for the princess, which would cement his lineage's hold on Midland. He was also an unfaithful brother, having sex with the queen, his brother's wife.

Despite these flaws, he was definitely no coward, as he defended his life against Guts when the latter came to murder him.

Story Edit

Golden Age Arc Edit

As Hassan tells Adonis, Julius lived a difficult childhood as the son of a noble before he became leader of the White Dragon Knights. Some time prior to the Band of the Falcon's battle with the Black Sheep Iron Spear Knights, Julius was held for ransom by Tudor and the King of Midland had to pay for his brother's safe return. It is worthy of note that the ransom's cost played a role in Julius and his knights being replaced by the Band of the Falcon.

Guts and Griffith first encounter Julius as he accompanies the King during one of his strolls through his castle. On this occasion, the King and Griffith have a little talk about war and mercenaries, whom Julius disapproves of as men of lower rank. Then, along comes Charlotte, the King's daughter, who missteps and is prevented from falling by Griffith, who is immediately slapped by Julius for laying a hand on the princess.

Not long after this incident, Julius, having heard that Griffith might one day come to equate him in rank despite humble origins, attempts to have the mercenary killed with a poisoned arrow. However, the attempt fails and Griffith, tracing the poison back to Julius, orders Guts to assassinate his would-be murderer. Though Julius attempts to defend himself, he is stabbed to death by Guts and recognizes him as Griffith's subordinate before drawing his last breath.

Notes Edit

  • In the anime, the sub-plot where Julius slept with the Queen of Midland was left out.
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