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Jerome is a member of the Holy Iron Chain Knights. Originally loyal to the Holy See, he becomes a temporary ally to Guts and his party after witnessing the Incarnation Ceremony.


Jerome has short black hair. He is of average height compared to the other Holy Iron Chain Knights members.


Although being a member of the Holy Iron Chain Knights, was not a fanatical person and in private admitted to disliking his job as well as Farnese's behaviour and lack of skills. He was known to visit Luca even before sunset and hire her for her prostitution services, but wished to take her back home with him once his duty was over.[1] He claims to have a bad habit of talking too much without thinking of others' feelings.[2]

Though he enjoyed his life's comfort and was shocked and scared by the happenings at Albion, he resolved to defy the Knights in order to protect Luca.

He is one of the only four members of the Holy Iron Chain Knights to survive the arrival of Griffith into the material world (the other three being Farnese, Serpico and Azan).


Conviction Arc[]

Jerome is introduced alongside Luca, with whom he is seen having sex until the unfortunate arrival of "Elaine" which scares him limp and ruins the moment. Following this, he makes known his attitude toward the heretic-hunting, pays Luca in full along with supplying her a pearl necklace, promises her a place in his future household as a mistress even though he is expected to marry a noble due to being the next head of his family, and offers Luca's "sister" Elaine, apparently afflicted with syphilis, a good doctor as well.[1]

Later, he shares a moment with Serpico, where he addresses again his disgust with Farnese's behaviour.[3] He then witnesses the Knights' executions and hears Farnese's and Serpico's story, realising the latter's kindness toward children.[2] Jerome later gets separated from the Knights along with Serpico and Farnese, and spends the rest of their stay in Albion alongside them as a bystander and occasional fighter.

Fantasia Arc[]

After Albion, it is heard from Luca that Jerome married a noble woman, but that the prostitute did not take Jerome up on his offer due to feeling guilty about deceiving his wife, who she considered sweet but naive. It is unknown if Jerome left the Holy Iron Chain Knights or not at this point.



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