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Jarif (ジャリフ, Jarifu) is a Kushan under the orders of Griffith. Once a member of the Band of the Falcon's espionage division,[1] he now works as a guard in the Falcon's capital, Falconia, under the orders of Griffith.[2]


Jarif, like any other Kushan, has dark skin. His head is covered by his head gear. He is young and has a goatee.[1]


He is devoted to Griffith. He declares that those of Kushan dedicate their lives to serve Griffith due to how much they owe Midland people.[2]


His abilities are unknown, however, for being the captain of a squad of guards defending Falconia and its citizens against creatures he is presumed to be quite skilled at fighting and commanding soldiers in battle.


Jarif is first seen as Laban's Arklow Knights evacuate Wyndham, with every individual dressed up in Kushan warrior garbs. The group is stopped by two Kushan guards in a Kushan garrison who ask for information on Laban's unit. As the guards' unrest grows since Laban can't understand them, a Kushan horseman arrives with a dispatch order for the guards, allowing the refugees to pass through. The horseman, named Jarif, reveals his name and explains that he is a member of the Band of the Falcon's espionage division, noting that many other Kushans have pledged fealty to the Falcon. The group is then ambushed by Silat and the tapasa. Silat derides the Kushan horseman for turning traitor. Jarif recognizes Silat and the tapasa as members of the Bakiraka clan and knows of their history.[1]

He then extends an offer to serve the Falcon, one that's refused by Silat. The two Kushan warriors then hold a talk on some inescrutable, tremendous current, with the Falcon guiding them to a new world. Though aknowledging he might have caught glimpses of it, Silat explains that the Bakiraka have come to ponder whether it is right to yield oneself to something inescrutable, so Silat will instead watch events unfold and see whether this "new world" comes calling or not. With that, the Bakiraka take their leave.[1]

In Falconia, Jarif meets Laban as a Kushan group he leads is about to dispatch a group of trolls after learning an oracle from the medium.[2] He is seen alongside his group fighting the trolls during Locus' talk to Rickert as an example of how humans no longer fight one another, but to defend humankind.[3]


  • He is never seen without his helmet.


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