Japanese Name: 霜の巨人
English Name: Jötunn
Manga Debut: Episode 306
Anime Debut: N/A

The jötnar are a race of giants that appear following the Great Roar of the Astral World.

Appearance Edit

Jötnar are large creatures similar to humans. They usually inhabit mountains and forests.

Personality Edit

Jötnar are ravenous and antagonistic towards humanity, killing and eating humans as well as taking their goods as war equipment. They are known to be a warrior race.

Abilities Edit

Unlike other astral creatures, the jötnar have demonstrated a certain degree of intelligence similar to humans. They can organize to fight battles against humanity and apostles, using other creatures such as hydras in combat.


Jötnar marching against Griffith and the Band of the Falcon.

Story Edit

After the establishment of Falconia, Griffith and the Band of the Falcon engaged with the jötnar in a battle. Griffith is able to defeat their leader by piercing the jötunn in one of its eyes. Afterward, Griffith orders Sonia to telepathically send the image of the corpse across the battlefield in order to instill fear in the remaining jötnar forces. This is followed by a "cleanup operation" in which the Falcons slaughter the remaining jötnar.[1]

Notes Edit

  • Trolls can be seen fighting alongside jötnar when a group of jötnar battles the Band of the Falcon. The jötnar also use a captive hydra against the Falcons.[2]

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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