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Isma's mother is a merrow who maintained a forbidden relationship with a human fisherman.


As it is described in legends, the merrow is equivalent of the stereotypical mermaid; half-human - a woman from waist up, and fish-like waist down. Isma's mother is no exception to this description.


Due to Isma's mother connection with Isma's father, a human, she looks to be more communicative than other merrows, as well as concerned for not only creatures of the sea, but also for all other beings.

She has also taken part in and even stood up as the leading figure in many courageous efforts, most notably in facing the Sea God along with all of her fellow merrows, and even organizing Guts' rescue after the Sea God's demise.

Isma's mother has also demonstrated kindness toward her daughter, Isma, as shown on a few occasions, and in addition, she was very polite with Seahorse's crew, further proving that she is a good-willed being.


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  • She never gave out her true name, since it could eventually be used against her for malicious purposes.