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Isma is a young fishing girl whom Guts and his allies allowed to join them during their voyage to Skellig.



Isma has short blue hair with long bangs that will cover half her face at times. Her eyes are much rounder than that of an average person and has a few freckles on her nose. Because of the circumstances of her birth, Isma can change between human and merrow forms by saying her true name.


Isma is playful, easy-going, kind, and brave, with a desire to see what lies beyond her island home.

She doesn't seem to be a shy person, she shows great interest in everything and everyone without showing prejudice. She is also very casual about being nude and sees it as normal to walk around naked, including in the presence of others.

She feels more comfortable with her new friends than with her newly-acquainted mother.


Though human, Isma was born the child of a human fisherman and a female Merrow. Because of her half-breed lineage, and her father being forced to bide by the village's taboo on Merrow for sealing the Sea God that they have come to worship, Isma was sent to live in the outskirts of the village on the island. It was only when her father was on the verge of death, getting some hints from bullying children, that Isma learned her mother was a merrow, while her father gave her a charm that wards off evil, while promising her that her mother will come for her.


Fantasia Arc[]

Isma Saves Isidro

After the Great Wave of the Astral World weakened the seal keeping the Sea God in check, Isma's amulet allowed her to be the sole survivor as everyone else on the island had been eaten by the creature and became its tentacle extensions. When the Seahorse arrived to make repairs, Isidro and Puck meet Isma before they are forced by Schierke as she sensed Isma's merrow lineage.[1] After nightfall and the initial attack by the Sea God's tentacles, Isma is allowed to come aboard the Seahorse while Guts goes after the Sea God before it finally broke free while destroying its island prison.[2] During the chaos that ensued, hearing the voices of the merrow at the time,[3] Isma dives after Isidro when he fell overboard and saves him by speaking her true name.[4] After being warned by Ivalera to not divulge her true name,[5] Isma aids the merrow in fighting the Sea God and is reunited with her mother in the process.[6] Following the demise of the Sea God, Isma reverted to her human form out of embarrassment of swimming with her maternal family and remains on the Seahorse as she accompanies the crew to Skellig.[7]

On Skellig, Isma is often shown accompanying the Black Swordsman Party. Isma was present after Casca's hair was cut and was watching her as she practiced her fighting skills.[8] She also put an end to Isidro's pranks after befriending a kelpie, which she attributed to her own elfin nature.[9] When Griffith arrives in Elfhelm and takes Casca, Isma slowly fades away along with the rest of the mystical creatures.[10]



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