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For days I run through mountains and rivers, chasing my prey. I lurk alone deep in the forest. Through many nights... I lose track of time. And then... before I know it... I too have become a beast.
– Irvine[1]

Irvine (アーヴァイン Āvain?) is an apostle who serves together with Zodd, Locus, Grunbeld and Rakshas under the reborn Griffith in his Band of the Falcon as captain of the archers.


In his human form, Irvine looks like a slender human. Irvine's most noticeable feature is his eyes; they are completely white, lacking corneas and irises. Unlike his peers Zodd, Locus, and Grunbeld, Irvine excels in the art of ranged combat. As a result, Irvine is not dressed in armor. Instead, he wears a dark magenta suit, on the back of which lies a cape of the same color that reaches behind his knees. His hat is pointed with two black tipped feathers attached, and his tight fitting pants are a bright cream in coloration. His grey boots ride up to above his knees.

In his apostle form, his slender figure is jointed to a wolf-like creature (one that Erica likens to a deer) that appears to be a metamorphosis of his bow. The animal body possesses long horns and thick fur along its neck. At the back of the creature, Irvine's lower torso and arms become covered in dark fur, and two antennae-like horns protrude from the center of his forehead. His nails grow longer, resembling claws, and his ears lengthen and become considerably pointy.


Irvine is a quiet, introverted man. Aside from his efficiency in battle, he doesn't show much concern for other matters relating to the Band of the Falcon. While on his own, Irvine enjoys hunting wildlife and camping in the woods whilst immersing himself in his only known pleasure: playing the lute by the campfire.[1]

Although he is an apostle, Irvine is shown to possess a somewhat tenderhearted side to his personality. For instance, on one occasion when Sonia asked if she could warm herself by his campfire, he not only allowed her to do so, but engaged in a friendly conversation with her and covered her with his coat when she fell asleep.[1]



Irvine fights off the cockatrice.

Master Archer/Marksman: In his human form, Irvine is capable, at impossible range for a human, of firing multiple arrows at once with perfect accuracy at multiple targets at different distances from one another. These arrows are often fired with enough force to dismember humans. His transformed state is capable of similar feats but on an ever greater scale with far more monstrous opponents.

Superhuman Speed: Irvine is shown to be able to travel the battlefield at great speeds and scale large constructs with ease, a feat that is increased even further in his apostle form. At the battle of Vritannis, Irvine easily outdistances himself from the Kushan advance.

Organic Arrows: In his apostle form, Irvine is capable of forming his own arrows using fur from his lower body; the fur condenses into sharp needles that, once shot, unravel violently after they reach a target's body, expanding into large thorny masses which tear the target apart from the inside out. This allows a relatively small arrow to dismember even a large opponent. Additionally, Irvine can utilize the horns of his apostle form by tying a rope around them, fashioning a ballista-like weapon with which to shoot arrows at a high velocity. It is not certain whether Irvine's arrows are magically enhanced to not lose speed or power after each firing, or if the force behind each shot is so great that even against gravity and air resistance the arrows are still powerful enough to instantly kill their targets.


Millennium Falcon Arc[]

Irvine is introduced during the battle of Lumias firing multiple arrows which behead numerous Kushan soldiers. When the Kushan reinforcements begin to arrive Irvine fires a second volley, once again beheading the opposition.[2]


Irvine and his archers with the demon lancers assault Wyndham Palace, easily breaking Kushan's lines. The apostle forces are confronted by a large number of daka, pishacha and Emperor Ganishka himself.[3] Although they can fend off the former, they cannot stop Ganishka when he enters his own apostle form. This situation is part of Griffith's plan, as he and Zodd break the roof of Charlotte's tower and free her from her captivity in the city while Ganishka is busy.[4] At the battle of Vritannis Irvine kills almost all Kushan generals, generating great chaos on the battlefield. In the final battle against Shiva Ganishka, he is seen fighting in his apostle form protecting Sonia.

Fantasia Arc[]

Irvine along with Laban and other Falconia soldiers help refugees fleeing astral creatures. When a cockatrice emerges from the forest's darkness, is forced to fight the creature using his apostle form, utilizing a much larger arrow made from his new tail hair. Irvine fires his arrow directly into the cockatrice's mouth, killing it. Some time later, the Band of the Falcon faces an army of jötnar, the giant leader orders to bring a massive hydra to sic on the band. Zodd engages the hydra, while from afar Irvine supports him, shooting arrows into the giant snake. The finishing blow is dealt by Grunbeld, who burns the hydra with his fire breath. Later, Irvine and his companions return triumphantly to Falconia.

Continuation-specific information begins.

Some days later, Irvine, Sonia, and Mule gather on the outskirts of Falconia meeting with Locus and Grunbeld, awaiting Griffith and Zodd's return. Upon their arrival, Irvine and the other ones kneel, welcoming Griffith back as he carries Casca.[5] Sometime after Irvine reports to Griffth at his palace that Casca was put back asleep after an escape attempt, describing her as a bird resting within a cage.[6]

Continuation-specific information ends.



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