Manga E201 Interstice Creatures

Various astral beings of the Interstice.

The Interstice (狭間の世界, Hazama no Sekai) is a shallow layer of the Astral World which intermingles significantly with the Physical World, where the dead who did not realize they died or left regretfully and various astral beings reside.[1] Certain humans that use magic (like witches and wizards) or those bearing the Brand of Sacrifice (like Guts and Casca) have a footing in the Interstice and can interact with the beings residing there. The Skull Knight also exists between the two realms.[2]

Examples of Interstices include temporal junction points generated by beherits, the domain in which the Mansion of the Spirit Tree is found, a forest cave near Enoch Village where Slan's nightmarish astral realm of Qliphoth is situated, and the island of Skellig.[3]

Following the Great Roar of the Astral World, the physical and astral realms are merged into one, giving birth to the global Interstice of Fantasia.[4]

Notes Edit

  • The scenery of the Interstice is said to be derived largely from that of the Physical World, leaving little disparity between the two layers.[1]
  • A "road of elves" allows otherwise unaware individuals to perceive the Interstice.[5]

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