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Various astral beings of the Interstice.

The Interstice (狭間の世界) is a shallow layer of the Astral World which intermingles significantly with the Physical World, where the dead who did not realize they died or left regretfully and various astral beings reside.[1] Certain humans that use magic (like witches and wizards) or those bearing the Brand of Sacrifice (like Guts and Casca) have a footing in the Interstice and can interact with the beings residing there.[2] The Skull Knight also exists between the two realms.[3]

Examples of Interstices include temporal junction points generated by beherits, any forest of the Spirit Tree[4] (including the one in which the Mansion of the Spirit Tree is found and constitutes a slightly deeper layer that would appear as a mirage to those with strong extrasensory perception[2]), a forest cave near Enoch Village where Slan's nightmarish astral realm of Qliphoth appears,[5] and the island of Skellig.[6]

Griffith's Incarnation Ceremony[7] kickstarts the overlap of the Astral and Physical worlds,[5][8] with indicia such as people being able to perceive non-group magic[9] and the appearance of a qliphoth.[5] Following the Great Wave of the Astral World, the layers overlap further, giving birth to the global Interstice of Fantasia.[10]


  • The scenery of the Interstice is said to be derived largely from that of the Physical World, leaving little disparity between the two layers.[1]
  • A "road of elves" allows otherwise unaware individuals to perceive the Interstice.[4]
  • Most magic practitioners live in a forest of the Spirit Tree Interstice layer due to the weakened state of the limitations of the Material World, meaning it is easier for them to control matter with the power of their minds.[2]


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