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Hydras are legendary serpent-like beasts that have many heads and have made their appearance in the real world after the light that covered the entire earth.


Hydras are large serpent-like beasts that have many heads.


It is assumed that hydras share a similar nature toward animals rather than humans.


Thanks to the massive body, hydras have super-strength plus the fact that they possess many different heads makes them difficult to kill. Like their real mythological counterpart, they are able to regenerate their heads if chopped off.


A hydra is one of the first creatures seen after the Great Roar of the Astral World when a pair of lumberjacks witnessed a herd of unicorns being chased by the serpent.

A hydra is tamed by jötnar and used during the war between the Band of the Falcon and the giants. The serpent-like beast is agitated against Griffith but is easily wiped out by the triple attack of Zodd, Irvine and Grunbeld.



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