Hill of Swords

Hill of Swords

Hill of Swords Anime

English Name: Hill of Swords
Manga Debut: Episode 130
A Feeble Flame
Anime Debut: (2016 anime)
Episode 4

The Hill of Swords is a large hilled mountain covered in snow. In the ground there are a number of swords created by Rickert, each representing a member of the fallen Band of the Falcon from the Eclipse.[1]

Geography Edit

The hill is located near Godot's abode, atop a snow-covered mountain top.[1]

Story Edit


By forging graves for them, Rickert accepts and shows an ability to move on after the deaths of his comrades.

After learning that his fellow Band of the Falcon allies have all died, and kept in the dark about what truly happened, Rickert was placed under Godot's care and learned the art of smithing. In time, Rickert created a sword for each of his fallen comrades to serve as grave-markers in their memory. Rickert admitted it wasn't near the right number, but he did it as practice.

Guts would learn about the Hill of Swords when Rickert and Godot's daughter Erica show him the former's work. The sight made Guts reflect on how he had chosen to run off on Casca to exact revenge for their fallen comrades whilst Rickert found a way to accept the deaths of his comrades and find a new way to live.[1]

Griffith waiting for Guts

Griffith at the Hill of Swords.

Griffith visited the hill after the Incarnation Ceremony, coming to see if he could feel anything that would "shake his heart", and found that he could not. This resulted in a furious Guts trying to attack Griffith's, a move that was blocked by the newly-recruited Zodd.[2] The battle, with Guts using the swords around him as additional weapons against Zodd before he assumed his true form,[3] ended abruptly on Griffith's order as the conflict nearly killed Casca.[4]

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