Japanese Name: ハルピュイア
English Name: Harpies
Manga Debut: Episode 305
Anime Debut: N/A

The harpie is a race of astral creatures that appeared in the physical world soon after the light that covered the entire earth.

Appearance Edit

Harpies are an all female, birdlike race.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about their lifestyle, whether they have a more animal-like personality or have an intelligence capable of communicating like the fairies do, mainly because we have not seen much about them yet. They are presented as hostiles toward humans since they attempted to attack Rickert's caravan.

Abilities Edit

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Story Edit

A group of harpies attack the caravan escorted by Irvine, but they are all killed by Rickert, who is traveling with them.

Gallery Edit

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Notes Edit

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