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|kanji= グルンベルド

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The character featured in this article is sometimes referred to as "Gurunberd".

Grunbeld Profile Miura

Grunbeld Anime

Apostle Grunbeld

Grunbeld Apostle Anime AV





Also known as

The Great Flame Dragon


Episode 184
War Cry of the Wind (2)


(2017 Anime)
Episode 15
Banner of the Flying Sword

Japanese voice

Template:W (PS2 Game)
Template:W (2016 Anime)




270 cm (8'10") [1]
Apostle Form: 600 cm (19'8") [1]


303 kg (668 lbs) [1]
Apostle Form: 1644 kg (3624 lbs) [1]

Hair color


Eye color



Giant (formerly)




Neo Band of the Hawk
God Hand


Captain of the Band of the Hawk's Giants

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You are a superb warrior. But from here on out, I will carry out my orders for our master as an apostle of the Hawk of Light!! I'll be your opponent!!!
– Grunbeld
Grunbeld (グルンベルド Gurunberudo?) the "Great Flame Dragon" is an apostle who serves together with Zodd, Locus, Irvine and Rakshas under the reborn Griffith in his Neo Band of the Hawk.

Grunbeld is the leader of the Hawks' giants. Before he joined the Hawks, he became famous during the One Hundred Year War, holding a small northern country alone against 3,000 enemies.


Grunbeld is very tall and is not often seen without his elaborate set of silver armor on which is fashioned in the shape of a dragon, the jaws of which reveal his face. Even in his human form his appearance is beastly, having sharp pointed teeth, red hair and reptilian eyes. 

In his apostle form, Grunbeld is a great four-legged fire dragon covered with stalactites made of corundum, his face being shielded by a layer of the crystal.


His personality is quite unusual for an apostle. Different from most of the other characters, he is a man of pride, and talks more akin to an old warrior than a sadistic demon. He is a serious man who doesn't like jokes and fooling around. He has also shown a very honorable side, which is rare for a high-ranking member of the Neo Band of the Hawk, and even rarer for an apostle. For example, at the Mansion of the Spirit Tree he questions the orders given to him, telling Guts that it isn't honorable to attack an old woman with so many troops.

However, Grunbeld's honor is debatable at best. Once he realizes how formidable Guts is while in battle against him, even facing the possibility of losing, he begins to use more craftier means of fighting and transforms into his apostle form. Guts eventually calls him out on his supposed "ethics", stating that monsters shouldn't pretend to have such a thing as a warrior's code or pride.


Physical Abilities

Supernatural Strength/Speed: As an apostle of the God Hand and a giant, Grunbeld possesses incredible strength. He is a quick fighter with great speed, and when he transforms into his apostle form, his strength increases dramatically. However, his speed also decreases drastically as a result.

Corundum Skin: In his apostle form, Grunbeld's skin transforms into Template:W, a crystalline form of aluminium oxide that is immensely durable and stronger than steel.

Flame Breath: In his apostle form, Grunbeld is capable of spitting fire without using his shield to do so.


Giant's Greathammer: In battle, Grunbeld uses a greathammer customary to his heritage as a giant. The hammer has a flat surface for smashing opponents and decimating armor, as well as a large spike on the opposite end that can be used for grappling armor and shields, along with piercing through wooden and steel barricades.

Flamethrower Greatshield: In battle, he also wields a shield the size of an average human man which is sturdy enough to repel cannonball fire. The shield bears the face of a demon and is able to spit fire. Besides the ability to spit fire, the shield conceals two blades which can be quickly withdrawn and utilized during a fight.



Grunbeld as a human

Grunbeld as he originally was.

As Mule Wolflame revealed when first meeting him, Grunbeld was human during the time of the Hundred Year War and fought for over a decade. The reason he became an Apostle is unknown.

Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc

Grunbeld slaughters foes

Grunbeld slaughtering Kushan soldiers.

Having aligned himself with Griffith as a member of the new Band of the Hawk, Grunbeld makes his presence known during the liberation of Shet after it was just conquered by the Kushan invaders. Grunbeld breaks down the gate the Kushan attempted to seal and incinerates several with his shield, proceeding to wipe out the army. After the battle is won, he kneels before Griffith alongside all of the other apostles.


Grunbeld overpowered by Guts.

Grunbeld is later sent with Nosferatu Zodd and a handful of War Demons to destroy the Mansion of the Spirit Tree and its' caretaker Flora. Deeming that killing an old woman is beneath him, Grunbeld eagerly takes on Guts as an ideal opponent. However, due to Guts's injuries by Slan, Grunbeld became disappointed before held back by Flora's golems. After Guts dons the Berserker Armor, Grunbeld was taken off guard by Gut's new found strength and was defeated after assuming his Apostle form. Grunbeld attempts to keep Guts and his party from escaping, but he is blocked from pursuing them further by wall of fire Flora conjured in her final moments.


  • While a secondary character in the main series, Grunbeld is a protagonist in the upcoming novel Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight.

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