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Credit to Eas#8305 and Frostifusionz#8800 (aka @FrostiFuzionZ_) for, respectively, translating as well as ripping and subbing this interview for the Berserk community. It has been adapted to meet the Berserk Wiki's standards.

This interview was conducted with Kentarou Miura for the Great Berserk Exhibition in December 2020.


This video [interview] was filmed in December 2020 within the Great Berserk Exhibition that opened in 2021. Some parts of the interview differ from the current state of affairs. We ask for your kind understanding.

The "Puck manju" mentioned in the video [interview] is not available for sale (for various reasons).


Miura: Thank you all for coming to visit us in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. My name is Kentarou Miura.

Dear Fans[]

Miura: There are many different types of fans, some who are my age and some who are younger. People who are my age and younger are the same in a sense, so I think of them as my friends who have walked with me for 30 years. Also, for the people who also read Berserk one time, and got away from it, and then came back due to this exhibition, I am happily continuing, so I would be happy if you joined me once again. Also for the young fans, experience Berserk for the first time. I'm sure there are many that will experience it through this exhibition. I got a lot of influence from Japanese manga of the 80s, and I started Berserk in 1989 with the intention of a manga from that time period, and have continued since then. In Japan now there's a lot of great manga, of course, but after reading my manga, if you think that this kind of old style of manga is interesting to you, by all means, check out other manga from the 80s and 70s. There's a lot of good ones. Please enjoy them.

Breakthrough in 30 Years of Serialization![]

Miura: It honestly feels like it happened in an instant. I didn't really plan for it beforehand or anything. Just continued diligently and eventually it just kind of got to that point in the blink of an eye.

Hearing About the Original Exhibition[]

Miura: In the beginning, I was like, "Are you serious?" Just doing my job diligently every day and then eventually reaching this point, I thought, is it okay for it to become such a big thing? That's honestly how I felt.

Life-Size Zodd[]

Miura: Well, it seems very imposing. Like, if you make it into a real thing. I mean, being able to see a life-size Zodd is a creator's dream. I think it's really well-made. I feel like I can exorcise some evil spirits away with it. It's really impressive. I'm excited for it. Seriously.

Casca's Special Makeup[]

Miura: [Laughs.] I was surprised. I thought, yes this is that part of Casca, but it's really amazing.

Over 300 Draft Images[]

Miura: Yeah... of course doing it for 30 years it kind of just piles up in the blink of an eye. I think right now I don't really understand the magnitude of it, but when I see the exhibition in front of my eyes, I'll recall things from that time. Those old drawings to be honest, I'm not that kind of artist that looks back on them, but this time I'll have to look at them all next to each other. The last 30 years for me will sort of be recalled in my head. Yeah.

Figures All Being in One Place[]

Miura: Yeah... well Ken-san was the first one, but yeah, it's really impressive. Manga is different from live action in the sense that no matter how dramatic a scene is, you have to sort of exaggerate the real human beings. For example, rather than making a live action movie, making figures more accurately represents the setting and how fantastic the world is. In that sense, the feeling of being ripped directly from the world, it's more compelling for everyone. But anyways, even as created objects, they're really well-made.

Hirasawa's Music[]

Miura: My image of Hirasawa-san's music is, well, I would listen to him a lot while working, so it kind of just blended in my head with the work. I thought it just fits with the world, so it was kind of a no-brainer after that. Also, I'm also just happy as a Hirasawa-san fan. Hirasawa-san himself hasn't said it, but when I asked for his help on the TV animate, I had already known about him by that point. After that, he started getting more and more popular on the internet, and I like to brag that I knew about him first before anyone else. I'm quite happy about that. Yeah.

Original Goods[]

Miura: They're all really well-made, I think. But, I kind of had a worry that Berserk specifically, well, I'm not sure, but, is it OK to make a beherit's ugly face into a product? I understand that the people who are interested in Berserk are the ones who are going to buy it, though. No matter what, Berserk goods are mainly going to be those kinds of things, so I think maybe it's not a great idea to have a series of goods of those kinds of things. But I guess it's okay, because we're all friends with the same interest. The Puck manju is cute, though. Besides that, though... Anyways, I think it's all amazing, really.

Difference Between Analog and Digital[]

Miura: Well, if I were to use an analogy for analog and digital, analog is like a calligrapher, and digital is like a craftsman. Doing something really precisely with tools versus kind of doing it based on feeling. It's that kind of difference. Digital is really focused on working on the details, so a lot of time is spent on those details and sometimes you lose sight of other things. Analog, on the other hand, sometimes you can even use accidents to complete the drawing. It's like leaving it up to your own "energy". I think that's interesting in general. Japanese people are surprisingly attracted to analog, I think. But, digital has its advantages and disadvantages as well. It's like in a situation where a studio has even the assistants participate in the job, you have to think of the most efficient method, which in this case, would be digital. There's fun to be had in drawing by yourself, but... yeah. So, I think from here on out, Berserk will be digital.

The Time When He Used to Draw with Pencil[]

Miura: Yeah, I did draw it with pencil at one point. I think it was around the Boat Arc? Like, when they were traveling on the boat and when the ship captains transformed into monsters and came to attack. From that point, I was drawing with pencil. From there. From that point up until when Rickert and the others escape, it's all pencil. Now if you ask me why I used pencil, I thought it would be faster and wanted to challenge myself. I heard that Nausicaä was drawn with pencil, so I thought, if I was going to draw based on "energy", pencil would be faster. My heart is always drawn to a more elaborate, precise approach. In the end, I end up erasing the rough draft and reducing it to a single line, which in the end is not so different from using pen. So, I was looking for a way to speed up the process. I eventually landed on digital. Then, when I thought digital would let me go faster, there were pitfalls there too. Yeah. It's no good. Unless I physically change my brain, it probably can't be helped. Yeah.

What Stage is Berserk Currently At?[]

Miura: Probably about... 3/5 of the way? No, maybe 4/5. Three or four. Until now, Guts and Griffith haven't met face-to-face again, right? We're going to see that soon. More or less, there's big points, but, I have to start wrapping things up that I established. Yeah. The sort of arc where everyone formed a party and went on an adventure is coming to an end. Yeah. This story will take on a completely different form after that. Of course, the protagonist isn't going to change or anything like that. But yeah, we will start that new part. Also, recently, the Skull Knight's past has been touched on a little bit. I would like to put some more emphasis on the Skull Knight, and it will be his story for a little while, so please look forward to that. Yeah.

[Closing Statements][]

Miura: Everyone, I will continue working hard on Berserk, so please support me. Thank you for your support. Thank you.