Japanese Name: ゴーレム
English Name: Golems
Manga Debut: Chapter 199

Golems are constructs that serve the witch who created them.

They were first seen employed to protect Flora's Mansion of the Spirit Tree.

Types Edit

Flora Edit

Flora's golems are bear-like creatures composed of water and earth that are created to protect the Mansion of the Spirit Tree. Their bodies are each powered by a smaller entity located in the chest that acts as a brain/heart. As long as this entity is in place, a Golem will simply reform itself after it is struck, rendering it seemingly indestructible. Though not incredibly threatening, they were difficult to stop.

Morda Edit

Morda and her coven used golems in the form of scarecrows as one of Elfhelm's defenses from intruders. When the scarecrow golems were undone by Schierke, Morda used a forbidden spell to create a golem in the form of an enflamed wicker man.

Story Edit

The golems guarding Flora's house were intent on forcing Guts and his company out, and were not very fast, tough, or skilled in combat, but one or two had the size and strength to be a threat, while the others were threatening in numbers. As they simply reformed when destroyed, it seemed that they were impossible to stop, until Farnese discovered that they have a weak point in the form of a sigil on their bodies, which will render this ability nullified if it is broken.

The golems set on the party on Skellig were much more hostile, as Morda and her coven had every intent to kill Guts and his crew. Schierke present, she undid the witches' magic and thus rendered the golems harmless, but they retaliated by summoning a much larger "wicker man" golem, a metal mesh construct filled with burning human bodies.

The golems also make an appearance during Schierke and Farnese's experience through Casca's Corridor of Dreams as a summon, helping the duo in tasks such as protection.

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Notes Edit

  • Golems come from the Jewish legends. It was believed that experienced rabbis could animate a body made with clay or other materia. by using magical words on it and making it obey every order of its creator.
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