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Gerico was a member of The Count's Guards, as well as working under Captain Zondark, Minister Dahl, and The Count. He battleed with Guts under orders from Dahl during the infiltration of the Castle.

Appearance Edit

Greico's Face

Gerico, like many characters that Guts fights, was a rather large man clad in plated armor that covered his entire body. His helmet was designed to obscure everything except for his eyes, which was probably to mask the fact that his face was actually quite wrinkled. He had a rather large nose proportioned above thick lips, while he lacked any facial hair whatsoever.

Personality Edit

Because he never officially spoke, there is no clear way to determine his personality. He may have been as brutish as most enemies and desired only to win, shown in his fighting style against Guts. However, he almost appeared to display somewhat of a dimwitted persona, suggesting he may have been of a lower IQ level and only good for raw power. He did, however, show exceeded mastery of his weapon (the flail, or as it is otherwise known The Ball-And-Chain) which probably came from extended training.

Story Edit

Black Swordsman Arc Edit

In the Count's castle, Dahl orders him to fight Guts, but he is quickly defeated and cut in two by the Dragon Slayer.

Notes Edit

  • Gerico is one of many larger characters that Guts faces in his lifetime. This is a typical trend that occurs, making the already masculine Guts seem inferior in size to titan-sized characters however, with like almost all larger human characters, Guts is able to handle him without any problems.
  • In the tradition of intimidating characters, another character (named or nameless) refers to testaments of their fighting ability or power. In Gerico's case, it was Minister Dahl who proclaimed his power to only be second to that of Captain Zondark.
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