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Episode 17
Casca (3)


(1997 Anime)
Episode 5
A Wind of Swords

Japanese voice

Shoji Oki (1997 Anime)
Kazuki Yao (Movies)

English voice

Fred Velde (1997 Anime, Episode 5)
Rick Mann (1997 Anime, Episodes 15 & 16)
Steven Kramer (Movies)









Gennon (ゲノン Genon?) was a high-ranking noble in Tudor. He was killed at the hands of Griffith when the Band of the Falcon defeated the castle's general.

Appearance Edit

Gennon is a short and obese man of old age. He is nearly completely bald, with long hair only on the back of his head, and an equally long beard and mustache. He usually wears noble outfits but when it comes to battle, he doesn't think twice to wear an armor and a battlefield outfit.

Personality Edit

Gennon has an infamous reputation as a pederast. Some evidence of this lies in the fact that virtually all of Gennon's servants are teenaged youths. Gennon also seems to have a borderline obsessive love for Griffith, almost idolizing him and wanting nothing more than to have another 'wonderful night with him'.

Abilities Edit

He is skilled with swordplay and has shown that he can move quickly when on horse back, as shown when he decapitates Boscogn's right hand man for attempting to kill Griffith.

Story Edit

Golden Age Arc Edit

Shortly after the time Griffith first begins the Band of the Falcon, he finds himself and his group in Gennon's employ. Motivated by a need to amass wealth to maintain the Band of the Falcon and reduce causalities, Griffith accepts Gennon's terms to spend the night with him. Unware that Griffith has ulterior motives, Gennon becomes obsessed with the youth. Years later, after being made general governor of Doldrey, Gennon learns of the Band of Falcon's siege of the fortress and gives Boscogn instructions to bring Griffith to him alive to have him again. When the Battle of Doldrey goes underway, Gennon fears Boscogn might end up killing Griffith and decides to personally take command of his forces to ensure his prize.

E28-Griffith Kills Gennon-Manga

Griffith stabs Gennon's eye.

Yet, Gennon ultimately loses Doldrey. His army, having lost their morale, flee while he is knocked off his horse. Gennon finds Griffith approaching him and has mixed feelings while believing that Griffith will spare him after their night together. But Griffith uses that moment to reveal his true motives for sleeping with the man and explaining that he never saw him as anything more than a stepping stone. As Gennon cries out in rage of being betrayed, he's killed by Griffith, who stabs him through the eye.

Appendices Edit