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Gaston (ガストン Gasuton?) was the second in command of Guts' raiders in the Band of the Falcon. Like the majority of the other band members, he was killed during the Eclipse as a sacrifice.[1] While suffering through the trauma of what he had survived, Guts would reminisce of Gaston and the other Band of the Falcon members.[2]


Gaston had neat brown hair tied in a ponytail and a gentle, though worn, face.


Three years after Guts joined the group, Gaston was one of the raiders who was shown to have a deep respect for Guts, both as a commanding officer and friend. He was usually seen in a cheery and optimistic mood and took great pleasure in celebrating after every victory.[3]

Gaston never regretted joining the Band of the Falcon, but, as Guts revealed in a discussion with Casca, wanted to save up his earnings to open a clothing shop in Wyndham. After Guts' comeback, he tells Guts that he ran out on the store when he heard about the Band of the Falcon being chased into exile, but upon revealing this to his former commander, showed no sign of disappointment, instead joyful in the fact that his place was with the band and that the raiders were a family to him.[4]

Just before his death, Gaston was shown to be self-aware of his role within the narrative, revealing to Guts that he felt as if he was a "minor character" in "some crazy story someone wrote".[1]


It is hard to say what the extent of Gaston's abilities may have been, as he was never really seen in action. However, being ranked second in command of Guts' raiders, it can be assumed that he was at least a very competent warrior and strategist.


Golden Age Arc[]

Glory Years[]

After the defeat of the Black Ram Iron Lance Knights, the raiders prepare to celebrate their victory with a round of drinks. Gaston boasts of Guts' incredible achievement on the battlefield despite the latter's modesty.[3]

During the battle for a Tudor stronghold, Gaston attempts to restrain Guts and pleads with him to wait for Griffith and his unit as the danger of Nosferatu Zodd far exceeds even his capabilities. Guts grabs Gaston by the chin and threatens to kill him if he went to request the aid of Griffith. Guts is severely injured from the resulting fight and, despite the previous threat, Gaston is the first to lend a hand to Guts after his defeat.[5]

After Guts disappears diving into the ravine to save Casca, Gaston and Judeau report the event to Griffith. Gaston shows great concern when a Midland commander denies them reinforcements to search for them.[6]


After surviving the battle of Doldrey, Gaston left the Band of the Falcon to pursue his dream of opening a clothing shop in Wyndham, only to rejoin the band when word got around of their exile, revealing to Guts that he couldn't just stay there.[7] Alongside Corkus' unit, Gaston lead his fellow raiders on a charge against Wyald and his men in order to protect the wagon carrying Griffith.[8] After learning of Griffith's state, Gaston and his fellow raiders requested to join Guts. Gaston felt that returning to his store was out of the question due to the proclamation against the band being all over Wyndham, adding that "these guys" were like family to him.[9]


During the Eclipse, Gaston is the last member of the band to die, having been found by Guts in a severely injured state before an apostle bursts from within his skull, killing him instantly.[1]


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