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The garuda is one of many creatures to be under the control of Kushan sorcerers. It is unknown if they are familiars, like the Pishacha, or summoned spirits, like the Kundalini.


They are winged creatures resembling a pterosaur. They have a large wingspan and very large heads, easily the same size as the rest of their bodies, with fearsome jaws and a leaf-shaped tail tip.


The garuda are very enduring creatures, seen when one was able to survive two lightning strikes sent by Ganishka. Despite being left in an injured state, it was still able to fly.


Garuda might be somewhat temperamental, at least to the extent that Daiba considers himself the only one safe from attack by them.


The garuda is first seen being mounted by Daiba to escape after being defeated by Guts. The garuda alongside its master were electrocuted by Ganishka for Daiba's failure. The garuda is once more seen when Daiba flies next to the transformed Ganishka.

Several Garuda were being kept in a stable while Daiba was hiding, and he released them to aid Silat and Rickert to escape Falconia.



  • The name "Garuda" comes from Hindu mythology, where it is one of the three principal animal deities and king of all birds. But its depiction in Berserk resembles the Buddhist Garuda, an entire race of creatures.