Supreme King Gaiseric at the fore of his legendary army.

Gaiseric was the legendary conqueror of yore who, through sheer force, brought order to the war-torn lands of the ancient world and created the first empire in human history.

Story Edit

Approximately a millennium ago, in lands that would come to comprise the Kingdom of Midland, small city-states and tribes were in constant conflict with one another – a time referred to as the "age of warlords". The entrance of Supreme King Gaiseric, whose prior accounts remain unknown, would see the conquest of these warring factions and institution of order. With an army raised seemingly from nowhere, Gaiseric would go on to subjugate the numerous warring factions under one banner, thus bringing about the world's first empire.[1]

It is said that Gaiseric – referred to as the "Skull King" due to the skull helmet he donned in battle – forced laborers gathered from throughout his empire to construct a large capital city, aptly named "Midland" as a "land in the middle of nations". The Skull King lived a life of luxury while demanding increasingly inordinate taxes of his people, with the capital city in time becoming a melting pot of feasting and pleasure. According to the Holy See inquisitor Mozgus, there was once a sage imprisoned by Gaiseric in the Tower of Conviction who would ceaselessly profess the Skull King's sins, amidst every possible torture, until an angel was finally sent down;[2] similarly, the "fairy tale of the Skull King" states that four or five angels descended upon the imperial city, at the behest of a displeased "God", with natural calamity destroying the city in a single night. Gaiseric's capital city ultimately was indeed destroyed and fell deep into the ground afterwards, with its remains being buried underneath the Tower of Rebirth in an attempt to hide Midland's shameful origins.[1]

Notes Edit

  • Among the remnants of Gaiseric's imperial city deep beneath the Tower of Rebirth, innumerable corpses bearing the Brand of Sacrifice can be witnessed.[1]
  • It is believed that the Midland royal family is the only family in the world carrying the Skull King's blood.[1]

References Edit

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