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Frikka is a young female that appears in Berserk: The Prototype.


A fragile looking young girl, Frikka has pale skin and long, wavy light hair. She is dressed in a traditional villager's garb for women.


Though seemingly demure, Frikka is showed to be resolute, choosing not to run away after being saved by Guts and offering herself so as to prevent Vlad Tepes from killing more girls. She is also very trusting of Guts and thinks highly of him.


Frikka is first seen ambushed by several bandits. She is then saved by Guts, who carries her to a nearby village. There, she meets her uncle, who is astounded she came back. She then tells her parents what happened when she was en route. As the sun goes down, the villagers tell Guts of their fief lord and how he gathers girls to be maidservants, only to kill them in a gruesome way. Frikka then declares that, after four girls from the village were picked up, she figured out that another one would be chosen.

As Guts leaves the village after refusing to help the inhabitants stop the vicious ruler, Frikka explains that the villagers approached him due to how she told them that the swordsman was "a very powerful knight" and apologises. Facing his apparent apathy, the girl nervously asks Guts if she could take something of his with her. Guts then gives her his eyepatch. After some bickering with Puck, the warrior and the elf see the girl riding a carriage which takes her to the lord's castle. There, she is welcomed by the ruler, who prompts her to come closer. Frikka notices she can't stop moving. Now close to the ruler, Frikka is disgusted by his cold hands and stench, deducting he's not human. Right then, Guts appears and shoots him in the eye, with a joyful Frikka noticing he's there. Her joy is cut short by the ruler's counter-attack.

When the apostle is killed by Guts, Frikka is returned to her family.


  • Like Vlad Tepes, Frikka is non-canonical to the Berserk manga storyline, only existing in the prototype.