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Foss is the former home minister in the Midland kingdom of Wyndham.[2] Currently, he is one of the ministers of Falconia.[1]


Minister Foss's Plot

A scheming Foss as he appears in the 1997 anime.

He is a fat, short, bald man with shifty eyes.


Foss can be deceitful and manipulative. His action of killing Griffith was based on the intense and unsettling fear he felt from being in his presence. Foss deeply loves his daughter, and ended up obeying Griffith to make sure that he doesn't kill her.


Golden Age Arc[]

Since first meeting Griffith, Foss felt a sense of dread from the young man and works in with Julius in an attempt to assassinate Griffith. When Foss later aids the Queen of Midland in another attempt on Griffith's life, the minister learns that his daughter Elize is taken hostage by men that Griffith hired. This forces the minister to become an unwilling accomplice in Griffith's own plan to wipe out his political rivals, with Foss spared while warned to never meddle in Griffith's affairs again. Foss was the one who used the information about the Queen being in an affair with Julius to plant the idea that Julius' death was a plot designed by Griffith.[3] Unbeknownst to Foss, that was exactly the case.[4] Neither Foss[3] nor Griffith anticipated the Queen would get involved in the assassination plan.[5]

Millennium Falcon Arc[]

During the Kushan occupancy of Midland, Foss becomes the leader of a resistance in Wyndham. The group learns of Griffith's return after having gone missing for years. When Elize tells her father of the prophetic dream she and the other children had of Ganishka's ascension, Foss helps in the mass evacuation of Wyndham before it is destroyed. Foss is then among the many that witness Griffith's army battling with Ganishka's spawn and later the establishment of Falconia.




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