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This was a pump Falconia citizens found in a storehouse.[1] Rickert modified it to double up as a backup tool to deal with Rakshas' body.[2]


It was a small wagon with a wooden barrel, initially used as a sprinkler.[1] After being fitted as a weapon, it was filled with flammable oil rather than water. A pump mechanism allowed air to push oil through a hose. It required a crew of two, the pumper and the gunner holding a torch to light the oil.[2]


After being tweaked, the pump became a destructive weapon. However, its range was short and its large size limited its mobility. The fires from the oil were enough to cause a wide fire arc and force Rakshas to douse himself in the blood of a horse.[2]


Initially, it was a water pump Falconia citizens found in a storehouse which Rickert tinkered with using spare parts. After testing it with Erica at the pump, the youth feels it could be improved for the water to come out even more forcefully. He also believes that it could be used as a fire prevention measure.[1]

Later on, it was given slight modifications by Rickert. The Tapasa used the flamethrower as a backup weapon against Rakshas as Rickert's team attempted to escape Falconia. It was effective at deterring Rakshas before being forced to abandon it due to its size and weight.[2]



  • Judging by Rickert's words, it was one of the elements created by the technology of the legendary city, Gaiseric's capital.[1]


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