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Fauns are a race of magical beings. Its members resemble a cross between a child-like human with a goat.[1]


Fauns are a small race, roughly half the height of man. They look like a cross between a child and a goat, with small goat horns emerging from their heads.[1]


Displaying an easygoing personality, fauns seem to have a shared love for music and instruments.[1]


Fauns were first shown in Elfhelm at the arrival of Guts' Traveling Party. First seen in the forest, some of them are later seen playing wind instruments, signalling the arrival of the Flower Storm Monarch.[2] They are later seen playing music during that night's banquet.[3] Fauns are one of the Skellig races that react to the presence of Griffith in the island.[4]



  • Fauns are based on the real life Roman mythology beings. Just like their counterparts, fauns as depicted in Berserk have a love for music and are quite playful in their demeanor.


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