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A single, shining falcon, sundering the thick darkness... They believed instinctively: this was their "desired".

The Falcon of Light (光の鷹) is a luminous metaphysical avian manifestation that appears in the minds of people as a guiding beacon of salvation. Griffith is widely acknowledged to be, and in fact is, the Falcon of Light incarnate.


Conviction Arc[]

Two years after Griffith escapes the Tower of Rebirth, calamity befalls Midland.[1] Midlanders share a dream prophesying the coming of a savior known as the "Falcon of Light", with priests believing this to be a good omen and a revelation from god. The king of Midland succumbs to illness. On his deathbed, he has a vision of the Falcon of Light in a dream. In his delirious vision, he sits on his throne, his soldiers keeping him from his daughter, Charlotte, as the Falcon of Light appears behind her, wraps its wings around her, and bears the visage of Griffith. The sight makes the king wonder, in his dying moment, if what he truly wanted was for the Falcon to free him from the burden of his rule.[2]

As the Falcon of Light, Femto appears before Zodd in a vision, metaphysically wounding the apostle into servitude and instructing him to travel to Albion.[3]

Millennium Falcon Arc[]

The Pontiff's Revelation[]

The pontiff of the Holy See, ill and resting during a journey, overhears cardinals discussing his potential death and successor. Reflecting on his unremarkable life, he feels regretful and insignificant. As he drifts into a vision, he sees the Falcon of Light in the form of an enormous white falcon with a man's head and long white hair. The pontiff reaches out to touch the falcon's feathers, seeking meaning in his life, but the vision vanishes before he can make contact.[4]

Awakening, the pontiff hears new voices and a message meant for him: "If you would grasp destiny in your hand, follow the guidance of the feathers of light." Letting the new arrivals into his tent, the pontiff meets Mule and Sonia, who invite him to meet their lord. Despite the cardinals' skepticism, the pontiff decides to join the youths and orders the cardinals to keep silent about his decision. A messenger arrives bearing news of the Kushan attack on Vritannis, strengthening the pontiff's resolve. The pontiff sees this as an opportunity to finally give his life meaning, believing the signs are falling into place to show his path of destiny. He entrusts himself to the guiding hands of the "feathers of light", accepting the divine revelation.[4]

Precognitive Dream[]

In a Kushan-occupied Wyndham, Foss' daughter, Elize, reveals that she and other children have been having a dream about the Falcon of Light. The dream foretells a night of the new moon when all of the obscuring fog will clear, taking with it Kushan men and beasts alike, making it safe, until morning, for the surviving Midlanders in Wyndham to make their escape. As the Arklow Knights decide how to relay this to all the surviving Midlanders in Wyndham, Laban mentions that if the children's dream is similar to the one Midlanders had at the beginning of Midland's fall, most of them should already be at least aware of the foretelling. When asked what will happen come morning, Elize describes a morning that comes but doesn't due to an enormous shadow hiding the sun. She reassures them that the Falcon of Light will call upon a storm to blow the shadow away, bringing the salvation of the "true dawn" everyone has desired.[5]

Fantasia Arc[]

Erica speaks of a rumor that, from a capital city, a hero known as "the Falcon" protects people from monsters. She adds that though people initially only half believed the rumor, after one day when all children in a town had the same dream of a "shining falcon" flying toward the capital city in a manner as if guiding them, everyone became fully convinced of the rumor and decided to leave for the capital city, Falconia. Luca states that, in fact, all refugees who have come to Falconia have been guided to the capital city by the Falcon of Light.[6]



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