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Manga E83 Griffith fashioning a proper form

"Take within you the power of feelings this inner world is filled with and change the physical field that is your body into a suitable shape."

Evil (魔; literally "evil influence"), conceptually, is the absence or opposite of that which is regarded as good. Evil power is a form of magic harnessed by beings that have been infused with the essence of evil, notably members of demonkind.

During a sacrificial ceremony, should the guest of honor choose to sacrifice that most precious to themself, a fissure forms in their soul — as a part of them is relinquished — within which evil surges.[1] It is such evil which empowers especially God Hand members and apostles, and through which they are refashioned as demons. Likewise, lesser demons such as daka are the result of the infusion of evil into the human form; daka are fashioned from unborn human children that have been submerged in the amniotic fluid of the Man-Made Beherit, as the insides of the many apostles that form the "demon womb" are of evil.[2]


  • During the battle for Wyndham, Griffith orders the apostles under his command to "unleash evil", after which they assume their monstrous released forms and brandish their otherwise constrained full evil power.[3]
  • Emperor Ganishka's twice reincarnated form is the result of an immeasurable amount of evil surging into his existential form from what he describes as "the infernal abyss". He is likened to hell incarnate by Daiba and in a state of decreasing control of himself as the evil within him overflows.[4] Prior to the event, Ganishka had mocked the War Demons because of "what little evil" they had grasped after becoming apostles.[5]


  • The Idea of Evil's name is of a Platonic nature in its meaning and literally translates to "source/origin of evil".


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