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Eriza is a nun and one of the main antagonists from the game Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage.


Eriza appears as a nun adorned with a black habit dress. She is a young fair-skinned woman with brown eyes and a saddened demeanor.


Eriza appears as a loving and nurturing nun, being close to a young village outcast named Niko who she admired for living a blissful life despite facing hardships. After Niko died, Eriza became devastated and hateful of the injustices of human society. At one point, she became infected with the mandragora. Even then, she still cherished those who lived lives of peace and defended the mandragora-infected villagers and declared them to be innocents who only attacked when provoked. She despised violence, prejudice, and bloodshed, finding people who can only express their desires through violence are the hardest to save or redeem.

Her desires for happiness also made her delusional, as she was willing to let the mandragoran infection spread and turn others into monsters unwillingly as long as it kept the villagers safe and happy.


Living in a village near the border of Balzac's dominion, Eriza cared deeply for a boy named Niko who lived a blissful life despite being facing hardships. When Eriza found Niko had died one winter night on his way to the church, she was devastated. When Balzac learned of the mandragora, he sent his men after it and only managed to get half of its heart.

Years later, Balzac made an attempt for the other half of the heart with Guts. Joined by Dunteth and his rebel faction, Guts reached the village but was forced to watch Dunteth and his men killed by the mandragorans when one of the rebels plucked out a mandragora. Eriza arrives to quell the mandragorans' wrath by planting the Mandragora back. Though Eriza attempted to plea her case to Guts that all she and the mandragorans wanted was peace, she was forced to take refuge in the church's underground where she assumed her mandragoran form to protect the tree. Ultimately, Guts managed to cut out the heart from the tree with Eriza attempting to flee with it. But she did not get far as a group of Balzac's men led by Gyove had been burning the village to the ground, killing its inhabitants. Sickened by the never-ending cycle of death, Eriza runs back into the church as it is consumed in the flames, Niko's keepsake (the beherit he cluctched in his hand as he was about to die) ending up in Rita.



  • During Niko's flashback scenes, he is seen cluthing his beherit. In promotional artwork and the game alike, Eriza is seen holding the beherit having been fashioned as a pendant, now using a Holy See emblem as a clinching piece.