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"Coming By Flight" is episode 98 of the Berserk manga series.



Guts awakens, only to find that Jill is asleep on his leg.

Later in the day, Guts wakes to the sound of an incubus, a small demon which gives its sleeping victim bad dreams, sidling down the wall on which he is leaning. Without paying it a passing glance, Guts slams his metal hand on it, crushing it against the wall. He then notices that Jill has already entered the windmill and has fallen asleep next to him, using his leg as a pillow. Unsure of what to do, he simply turns his gaze from her and allows her to sleep.

In the rafters of the mill, a sleeping Puck is also plagued by a small incubus, and he falls from the great height onto Jill's head, waking her. She is dazed, but awake, and Guts quickly stands to remove her from his leg. He asks her about the Misty Valley, the dreaded place the villagers all fear, and where Jill originally thought Puck came from.

Jill explains that the Misty Valley, so named because of the thick mist that perpetually covers it, is located east of the village and is home to many elves. At some point, the crops and livestock of the village were raided and destroyed, and witnesses claim that the elves were the perpetrators. The situation was greatly worsened when the elves began to eat the villagers and kidnap their children.


Guts upon realizing that the elves of Misty Valley are pseudo-apostles.

The tense moment of silence which follows her explanation is ended when Guts' Brand begins to bleed, and he makes for the exit of the windmill. Outside, he notices a long trail of faintly glowing creatures flying overhead toward the village. Jill confirms that it's the elves, but a manic smile overtakes Guts' face, and he cryptically says that the creatures are not elves, but something entirely different.

In the village, the villagers also notice the creatures flying in. They barricade themselves within their homes as every living creature outside, pets and livestock, are devoured in seconds. A group of elves targets one house in particular, managing to destroy the wooden door and enter. The adult villagers within are eaten, but the child inside is left unharmed.

Zepek strikes his wife for suggesting they venture outside to search for Jill. He continues to drink his alcohol, but he seems genuinely concerned and frustrated.

Back outside, the young boy, Thomas, whose parents were killed, runs out of his home to escape the elves, who mutter playful words to him. He runs headlong into the legs of a gigantic, black-clad figure: Guts, that tells to Thomas to stay low to the ground, then swings the enormous Dragon Slayer through the air, killing dozens of elves, which splatter all over the flat of its blade.


  1. Guts
  2. Jill
  3. Puck
  4. Thomas
  5. Zepek