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"Fresh Blood" is episode 84 of the Berserk manga series.


Despite taking a harsh beating and opening many wounds on his body due to the attacks, Guts manages to put up a decent fight against the apostles, who are both stronger than him and outnumber him. He jumps around on their heads to maintain the height advantage, but eventually this tactic sends him flying over the edge of the giant hand.

He spins in midair and stabs the wrist of the giant arm with his spike to slow his fall. He looks up and notices the apostles are crawling down the arm after him, so he removes the spike to slide down the arm on his back. As he slides down, his foot catches a protrusion on the arm, which knocks him off-balance and sends him tumbling down. Another protrusion sends him flying off the arm entirely, and he freefalls to the ground.


The Band of the Falcon lies dead before Guts.

His landing is softened by liquid, which he quickly realizes is blood. He looks around and sees the corpses of the Band of the Falcon members surrounding him, whose blood have created this new red lake. Overcome with dread, Guts calls out to Judeau, Pippin, Corkus, his old raiders unit, and any other survivors, but he receives no replies. His voice breaks off when he calls out to Casca, and he begins to fear the worst.

Finally, Gaston answers his calls. He stumbles over, lacking an arm and looking severely beaten. Gaston asks his old captain how it ever came to this, the slaughter of the entire Band of the Falcon. He mentions that ever since their first encounter with Zodd, he'd had an odd, constant feeling of unease. He remembers the celebrations they would have after successful campaigns, and says that, when he looks back on it, Griffith did seem too good to be true.

Gaston goes ever more limp in Guts' arms, and the latter yells for him to stay alive. As he does so, Gaston's forehead begins to rapidly swell until his head explodes. An apostle emerges from the new hole in his neck, which Guts unsuccessfully tries to stab with Gaston's sword before it swims away in the sea of blood.

Guts kneels over Gaston's headless body until his attention is diverted to the top of a nearby face-hill. He runs to the person standing at its top, Pippin.

Guts realizes something is off when Pippin doesn't speak, or even move. What he does not realize is that Pippin's back has been removed, and his body has been completely hollowed out. Pippin's corpse is supported by two tentacles that extend from the darkness behind him.


  1. Guts
  2. Gaston
  3. Zodd (flashback)
  4. Griffith (flashback)
  5. Pippin