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"Storm of Death (2)" is episode 81 of the Berserk manga series.


Casca and Judeau run from the apostles, away from the gigantic hand that Guts and Griffith are on. Crying, Casca wonders whether they are in hell or in the nightmare Griffith wanted and asks him for an answer. As they run, Casca and Judeau are intercepted by an apostle whom Judeau quickly dispatches in one swing of his sword. Another apostle runs close behind their horse, but it is killed by a throwing knife in the eye, courtesy of Judeau.

A third apostle appears, but Judeau doesn't notice until it is too late; it clamps its jaws on his sword arm. Casca draws her own blade and stabs the apostle's jaw, making it release Judeau. His arm is too mangled to effectively use his weapons and can barely even move.

Casca begs Judeau to turn the horse around. Since they don't even know if there's an exit, she wants to die fighting alongside the Band of the Falcon, but Judeau continues to hold out hope that she can survive the ordeal. As she accepts his decision, their horse's front legs are bitten off by a hidden apostle, throwing them to the ground. As they get up, they are closed in on by yet another apostle, which has two whip-like appendages. As it flails them around, Judeau throws himself over Casca, protecting her from harm.

The hail of attacks stop when both whips are thrust through Judeau's back and protrude from his chest. He grabs them both using his mangled arm, and with his good one throws his last throwing knife. It strikes the apostle's eye, allowing Casca to spring up, find her sword, and kill it.

Manga E81 Judeau Dies

Judeau's death.

She returns to Judeau, who bids she run away on her own, but she picks him up, slings his arm over her shoulder, and drags him on. He admits that he is not as durable as Guts, but agrees to come along with her. He stares up at her face as his vision slowly fades, lamenting the fact that he missed the chance to tell her "that important thing". His next step is his last, and he falls forward, dead.

Casca removes herself from under his arm and, with a trembling hand, readies her sword. Several apostles had been following them. With a burst of rage, she charges at them. Her sword has no effect, as her first strike is caught between an apostle's teeth, and it clamps down so hard her sword shatters. Suddenly defenseless, Casca can only stand there as the apostles surround her.

They close in on her, strip her naked, and begin to violently fondle her.


  1. Judeau
  2. Casca