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"Storm of Death (1)" is episode 80 of the Berserk manga series.


Hidden behind a rock, Rickert watches as the Skull Knight and Zodd converse. Their conversation reveals that the Skull Knight has been fighting against the inhumans for a thousand years, and the Eclipse provides the perfect opportunity for him to face them. The Skull Knight guesses that Zodd has been placed in charge of guarding the portal to prevent any intruders. Zodd dismisses the suggestion; having no interest in preying on the sacrifices inside, rather, he is waiting for strong warriors like the Skull Knight to appear so he can face them. Zodd suggests an old personal relationship with Skull Knight, calling him "rival". They begin to fight anew.

Casca is dumbstruck by the horror happening around her. She watches as a fellow mercenary is eaten alive by an apostle, who turns on her once he finishes. It moves forward to attack, but its path is blocked by Pippin, who smashes the being's head with his hammer, though this seems to produce little effect. He tells Casca to run, intending to hold off the apostle while she escapes.

Before she can argue, she is picked up by Judeau, who is on horseback, and is carried away. Judeau throws several knives into the apostle's face in order to help Pippin gain the advantage. Together, they have placed Casca's importance above all others, as she is now the leader of the Band of the Falcon and, if she dies, there is no hope for the rest of them. She looks back and cries as Pippin is overwhelmed by multiple apostles.


Corkus' death.

Corkus stands behind several soldiers, who are all recoiling away from another apostle. He watches in horror as they are all devoured together, leaving him alone against the much larger opponent. He turns to run, but is scratched in the back by the monster, sending him rolling down the face-shaped hill. At the foot of the hill, he comes across yet more apostles, whom he runs away from.

Eventually, Corkus is far enough that he believes to have escaped them. Overcome with despair, he convinces himself that the Band of the Falcon, and the fate it is now facing, are all a dream, and begs for someone to wake him up. He begins to tear up, but just then, out of the darkness, he sees a beautiful naked woman. She touches herself seductively, and, despite knowing full well she is not normal, Corkus approaches her and buries his face between her breasts, before she transforms and prepares to kill him.


  1. Rickert
  2. Skull Knight
  3. Zodd
  4. Casca
  5. Pippin
  6. Judeau
  7. Snake Lord (cameo)
  8. Corkus
  9. Female Apostle