"Feast" is episode 79 of the Berserk manga.

Synopsis Edit

The gigantic transformed apostles have no trouble massacring the armed Falcons. They are ripped limb from limb, violently devoured by the monsters with no chance of defending themselves. Guts can only watch from the top of the enormous hand.

The God Hand's leader explains that the Falcons have all been branded with the Brand of Sacrifice, which signifies that their deaths will provide sustenance for Griffith as he is reborn as the "new Child of Darkness."

Guts turns to look at the clenched fist that the enormous hand has made. As though looking through a window, he can see Griffith, floating and curled into a ball. His body appears to be slowly disintegrating. Guts positions himself before the window, which in reality is but an illusion, and begins to jab at it with his dagger, desperate to free Griffith.

As he fruitlessly thrusts his blade into the faces which make up the enormous hand, the God Hand watch with apathy, saying that Guts' feeble human strength is not enough to break through. What's more, they explain that Griffith willfully chose to sacrifice the Falcons and be transformed.

With a flash of fury at their words, Guts strikes once more at the titanic fingers, which only serves to snap the blade of his dagger in two. He is in denial, not willing to believe that Griffith would so readily offer them as sacrifices. But as he sinks to his knees, he thinks back on things Griffith had said in the past, things which hinted at Griffith's true nature. He begins to come to terms with the fact that he, along with the men he once considered his family and the woman who became his lover, have all been sacrificed by the man he considered his best friend. Guts is then alterted to the apostles climbing up the arm to hunt Guts. Overcome with wrath, Guts charges at them, wielding only his broken dagger.


Rickert watches the tornado rage around the Falcons' camp, unaware of the horrors happening within it.

Rickert makes the steady climb up the hill where the Falcons have stationed themselves. As he reaches its crest, the sight in the distance causes him great confusion and fear: what seems to be a massive, dual-layered, inverted tornado is raging where the Falcons' campsite should be. Rickert runs down the hill towards the tornado, unable to find the Falcons. The ringing sound of a sword strike is heard over the howling of the wind, drawing Rickert's attention. He sees two figures clash in battle: Zodd and the Skull Knight.

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