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"Parting" is episode 78 of the Berserk manga series.



Griffith agrees to the sacrifice.

Coming to from his vision, Griffith learns from the small God Hand member that the vision was no illusion, but a window to Griffith's conscious mind. Confirming that Griffith had used the band as a means to pursue his dream regardless of the causalities, the God Hand explain that despite Griffith's broken body, the Band of the Falcon is still loyal to him. The tallest God Hand raises a long, slender arm to point at the illusion of the bright castle in the distance. He says that if Griffith still truly desires to reach it he must be willing to sacrifice his comrades, and "shall be granted raven-black wings" to achieve his dream.


The band members are each given a mark that brands them as sacrifices.

At this crucial moment, Guts manages to reach the palm. Griffith turns to look at him, acknowledging that Guts is the only person in his life that made him forget his dream. In his heart, with complete sincerity, Griffith utters his answer to the God Hand: "I sacrifice."

The gigantic hand closes around Griffith, blocking Guts from reaching him. The tallest God Hand summons a fiery symbol that floats in the air above his hand. He announces the advent of the "Promised Time", and the symbols fly through the air, leaving fiery streaks in their wake. They engrave themselves painfully in whatever body part of the people they touch first: the palm of Judeau's left hand, Corkus' forehead, Pippin's right forearm, over Casca's heart and on the right side of the back of Guts' neck. The transformed apostles charge to feast on the branded, whose deaths shall bring life to the "new Child of Darkness".


  1. Griffith
  2. Ubik
  3. Slan
  4. Judeau
  5. Corkus
  6. Pippin
  7. Casca
  8. Guts
  9. Void