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"Advent" is episode 75 of the Berserk manga series.


One of giant faces, stirs to life and rises from the land in the form of a giant naked woman moaning in ecstasy as gigantic, black-feathered wings appear on her back. They slowly take on a more leathery appearance as her hair becomes more tentacle-like, whereupon her formation completes. The Band of the Falcon members watch the whole scene from afar, barely able to grasp what they are seeing before hearing cackling above them. They see a single face among the formless visages in the sky stands out, descending toward them though made of viscous fluid before shrinking a full, tiny shape among the terrified mercenaries. They then then then hear a deafening bellow that draws their attention to one of the smaller faces on the ground behind them. They watch as the face lifts itself from the ground, and uses the surrounding faces to form its portly body and clasped hands. One of the mercenaries diverts the whole band's attention to the eclipse: noting a whirlwind of blackness that forms into a monstrous silhouette before taking full-form. The entities stand together as the naked people chant in their presence, Guts deeming the four demons despite being revered as gods.


The God Hand arrive to preside over the Eclipse.

The last demon to fully form, a tall and slender being, welcomes the "lambs of the un-godly God" (the Band of the Falcon members) to the "sacred nocturnal festive." He then points a skeletal finger at Griffith, singling him out as the honorable child created by causality while referring to him as "kinsman". This causes Griffith to recognize the demons as the same beings he saw in his vision while imprisoned. He moans, as if trying to speak to them.


Guts refuses to allow Griffith to be taken by the God Hand.

Guts, who is supporting Griffith's weight, draws his dagger and screams at the God Hand, mocking them for speaking in cryptic sentences and telling them that Griffith is not a demon. This outburst only serves to make the God Hand laugh, the winged woman caressing herself while admiring the obvious friendship Guts harbors for Griffith will make him an excellent sacrifice. When Guts demands what she is talking about, the woman clarifies that he and the rest of the Band of the Falcon will be sacrificed so that Griffith can become a demon.


  1. Corkus
  2. Guts
  3. Griffith
  4. Casca
  5. Slan
  6. Ubik
  7. Conrad
  8. Void