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"Promised Time" is episode 74 of the Berserk manga series.


Rickert has been picked up by a moving convoy of entertainers, who, upon his request, have brought him to Midland's border where the rest of the Band of the Falcon have stationed themselves. Rickert has been traumatized by his experience with the monsters and the Skull Knight, and it takes several attempts from the caravan leader to rouse him from his thoughts. Upon arriving at the border, Rickert parts ways with the entertainers, though not before they gift him with some elf dust provided by a friendly elf in the same caravan named Puck.

Puck visits the caravan's fortuneteller, who sees an evil omen in Rickert's future. The other entertainers watch as Rickert walks out toward the solar eclipse. Rickert has a bad feeling about it, thinking that something bad is happening to the mercenaries.

In the different dimension, the band members scream in terror of their new surroundings, unable to comprehend this new world's nature. The only hole in the spirits which make up the sky is occupied by the solar eclipse, and the ground is made up of enormous faces, which in turn are made of much smaller faces, which the band's horses trample on as they run.

Casca quickly takes command and orders the mercenaries to be calm and form up. Guts carries Griffith back to them to mount him safely on a horse and correctly surmises that the beherit is what caused this new place to appear. He notices that it has rearranged its facial features and is crying tears of blood. Just then, his eyes are drawn to Griffith's, which are also leaking blood.

Manga E74 Slan Manifests

One of the faces rises from the ground.

The band members notice that the strange, naked people who were previously standing in the river have also been transported into the new dimension, where they all stand together on one of the enormous faces which make up the landscape. Together, they take it in turns to explain that they are in the Eclipse, an event which occurs once every 216 years, and that they will soon be joined by God's four angels. Just then, one of the enormous faces lifts itself from the rest, evidently alive.


  1. Rickert
  2. Puck
  3. Guts
  4. Corkus
  5. Casca
  6. Slan