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"Warriors of Twilight" is episode 71 of the Berserk manga series.



Griffith forces himself on Casca.

Griffith stares at Casca while she changes his bandages. She notices how small his hands have become, and thinks back on how the same hands had once tried to grasp an ambitious dream. Lost in thought, Casca knocks over a bowl of water with her knee. She tells Griffith that she is going to leave to bring another blanket to replace his now-wet one, but is surprised when Griffith forces himself upward and thrusts his body onto hers.

Taken aback, Casca tells Griffith to stop squirming on top of her so she can remove him, but halfway through lifting him off of herself with surprising ease, she decides against it and, with some uncertainty, lets Griffith lay on top of her.

Guts and Judeau sit together in the field. The latter asks the former what he plans on doing once the Band of the Falcon comes to an end, but Guts finds no answer. He asks Judeau in turn, who replies that he will recruit a few men among the band to begin his own band of thieves who will look after Griffith. Guts offers to join him, but Judeau declines, saying that Guts has already left them, and thus has no obligation to look after Griffith. Judeau suggests Guts take Casca with him when he leaves, but before he can offer an explanation for his reasoning, their conversation is interrupted by Gaston and the rest of the raiders, Guts' old unit.

Gaston asks Guts whether he plans on leaving again, and requests for the raiders to be allowed to go with him. The devotion and comradery they show to their captain brings back fond memories of his time with the band a year prior, and causes Guts to realise where he really belonged was with the band all along.

Casca sits outside Griffith's wagon, visibly shaking. As she attempts to calm herself, Guts walks up to her, and she springs up to hide her emotions. She tells him that Griffith has fallen asleep in the wagon, but Guts notices how distant she is. He prods her for an answer for her behavior, but she denies everything and lies that nothing happened between her and Griffith in the cart. Casca sinks into Guts' chest and tearfully tells him that she cannot leave with him due to Griffith's condition. She sees Griffith as both the proud warrior he once was and the shell of his former self that he is now, and cannot bring herself to leave him.

When Guts begins to say he'll stay too, she removes herself from his touch. Reminding him of the night at the Primrose ball, Casca states that if Guts is a true friend of Griffith's, he must leave to pursue his own dream, even if it's alone.


  1. Griffith
  2. Casca
  3. Guts
  4. Judeau
  5. Gaston