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"Requiem of the Wind" is episode 70 of the Berserk manga series.


The Band of the Falcon has left the forest near Wyndham and has relocated near Midland's border, into a lush grassland plain. Casca stands before what remains of the Griffith rescue force. Judeau and Pippin are nearby, and Guts sits on a rock behind Casca. Griffith is asleep in his cart, away from the discussion. Rickert hasn't rejoined the band ever since the massacre of the wounded members. Wyald's revelation that Griffith is beyond saving has prompted a discussion among the band members, though so far everyone is silent.

The pregnant pause is ended by Corkus, who asks Casca whether Wyald was serious in his declaration. When she doesn't answer, he decides that he will go to wake Griffith and ask him himself. He is stopped by Judeau, who informs Corkus and the rest of the members who are unaware of the extent of Griffith's injuries, that Griffith will not be able to answer.

This confirmation from one of their own shakes the band members. Corkus laments that their plan of rebuilding the Band of the Falcon to its former glory is now ruined, and he smashes his sword on a rock in a fit of rage. He sits down and, along with every other person present, silently comes to terms with the fact that Griffith will never be able to lead the band again, and that their legacy will come to a close.

Suddenly, some members realize that Casca had successfully led them during the past year, and wonder whether she could take up Griffith's position. Judeau points out that while Casca did once lead them of her own volition, she has no obligation to assume permanent command, as she is not the founder of the Band of the Falcon. Guts, whose tension had been slowly building, gets up to speak, but is prevented from doing so by Casca.

She announces that she will consider leading the band until they meet up with their injured unit (nobody present being aware that it has been completely wiped out, with the exception of Rickert). She ends the meeting and walks toward the carts, followed by Guts.


Casca laments how lonely a leader's position can be.

She asks him what he was going to tell the group before she silenced him, to which he replies that he had been planning on telling them to finish the battles that they start. Casca turns to him and says that while Guts is no longer reliant on Griffith's dream to move forward, the rest of the band members are, and cannot simply be told to move on. She leans into his shoulder, telling him how she had felt lonely as the band leader. They are unaware that Griffith, who is really awake, is watching them through the flaps of the cart's coverings.

Casca goes to the cart to change Griffith's bandages as Guts thinks on the words she's just told him.


  1. Casca
  2. Pippin
  3. Guts
  4. Corkus
  5. Griffith