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"Sword Master (1)" is episode 6 of the Berserk manga series.


In Wyndham castle, two noblemen, doubtful of the Band of the Falcon's claim that a monster appeared on the battlefield, come across Guts, who walks with a crutch. They confront Guts and sarcastically ask if the monster gave him his wounds. Guts presses his crutch down on one nobleman's foot, and when the other moves to attack, Guts pacifies him with a stern look.

Guts finds Casca, Judeau, Pippin, Corkus, and Rickert outside one of the castle's keeps, inside which Griffith is recuperating from the injuries inflicted on him by Zodd. Guts and Casca, still fuming over the argument they had directly after Zodd's escape, don't speak to each other, though Judeau assures Guts that her anger sprang from her concern for Griffith, and not from a hatred of Guts.

Guts' attempts to enter the keep are stopped by the band members, who inform him that Griffith is being visited by important noblemen and religious officials, and isn't to be disturbed. Guts nevertheless continues to attempt to enter it, only to be stopped by two guards, whom he casually dispatches despite his injuries.


Casca punches Guts for threatening to embarrass Griffith.

The third time he tries to enter, he is stopped personally by Casca, who punches him in the face. She angrily asks why he is so stubborn before Guts storms off away from the keep, too angry to remain in the band's company.

Fueled by his frustration over the altercation with Casca, Guts trains on one of the castle's terraces, where he is found by Griffith, also using a crutch. They converse, at Griffith's provocation, about the mysteries of the world, mainly the existence of gods and demons. When Griffith asks what caused Zodd to flee, Guts truthfully answers that it was the sight of the Beherit.

Manga E6 Terrace Conversation

The injured men converse on the terrace.

Guts then asks Griffith why he personally came to save him, recalling the similar experience three years ago when Guts was positioned as a rear guard and Griffith came to his rescue. Griffith replies that he cannot think of a straightforward answer, and asks Guts why he would ever need to.


  1. Zodd
  2. Guts
  3. Judeau
  4. Corkus
  5. Pippin
  6. Casca
  7. Griffith