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"Mortal Combat (2)" is episode 66 of the Berserk manga series.


As Wyald slowly advances, Guts begins to assess his wounds. His legs are shaking, his ribs are cracked, he has suffered major blood loss and can barely move. He has no idea what to do to defeat his monstrous opponent.

Casca moves to help Guts but is held back by Judeau, who knows that Guts hasn't given up. She is distressed by Guts' seemingly insatiable desire to fight rather than run away, and she leans against a tree to collect herself. Griffith watches her and Judeau from a distance.


Guts' sword begins to lose its structural integrity.

Wyald uses his gigantic foot to kick Guts, who blocks the impact with his sword. The force of the blow makes the latter skid across the ground, but is otherwise mostly unharmed. The same cannot be said for his sword, however, which has begun to crack and chip, despite its enormous size. Knowing that neither his body nor his blade can take another similar strike and survive, Guts formulates a plan when he notices the nearby body of a deceased Black Dog Knight.

Wyald searches the area for Guts. He notices a body hiding behind a tree, but a falling leaf alerts him to activity in the forest canopy above. Wyald chops directly through the tree trunk, taking out both the dead Black Dog propped up against it, and the tree itself, which tumbles to the ground. He then spins on the spot and throws a well-aimed punch at the assailant above: a log clad in Guts' armor. Wyald annihilates the log with his strike, but fails to notice Guts directly behind it until it's too late.


After two feints, Guts' third attack is his true one.

As he falls, Guts drives his sword through Wyald's neck. The still-living monster attempts to shake Guts off, but the latter manages to climb onto Wyald's human portion's back for support. Guts takes the opportunity to unsheathe his dagger and stab Wyald in the heart and right eye. The monster uses the last of his strength to thrust himself back-first into a tree, disorienting Guts, and sending him tumbling to the ground below. Wyald has only the strength to look at the Band of the Falcon's Raid Captain before he, too, collapses.

After a brief pause and a moment of silence, the stillness is interrupted by Casca who runs to Guts' limp body. She is overcome with emotion when she sees her lover looking up at her and flashing a thumbs up. She embraces him as the Band of the Falcon crowds around Wyald's unmoving body.


  1. Guts
  2. Wyald
  3. Casca
  4. Judeau
  5. Griffith
  6. Pippin
  7. Corkus