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"Demon Dog (3)" is episode 61 of the Berserk manga series.


Guts, Pippin and Judeau lead their horses to safety away from the explosion, which sends several men of the Black Dog Knights flying. Guts urges the group forward despite their apparent victory. They head further up the trail, closer to the forest.


Wylad crushes his own man's head with only two fingers.

Wyald and several other Black Dog Knights have safely made it across the bridge before the explosion, but the loss of a considerable amount of men forces them to stop, to Wyald's disappointment. One of his soldiers points out that the bridge likely isn't the only trap the Band of the Falcon members have set, which earns him an imploded head courtesy of Wyald's fore and middle fingers.

The Band of the Falcon members can hear Wyald and his men resume the chase in the distance. Guts wonders why, whenever Griffith is involved, death seems to have it out for them. He is suddenly reminded of both Zodd's prophecy, which foretold of Griffith's downfall, and the Skull Knight's cryptic message, which contained the revelation that an event known as the Eclipse happening in one year (this prophecy having been delivered one year prior). Guts realizes that the prophecies foretold the same event.

He is snapped out of his reverie by Casca's voice, who informs the band that they've made it to the checkpoint. Just then, as Wyald's men pursue them deeper into the woods, giant boulders are pushed onto them from the cliffs above. Wyald manages to punch a rather large rock into smithereens with his bare fist as it falls onto him. Despite their heavy losses, the Black Dog Knights still outnumber the five-man party led by Casca.

The Black Dogs run full-force into yet more traps, among which are an explosion caused by the lighting of oil by a hidden Falcon, and being pelted by a hail of arrows loosed by horsemen led by Corkus and Gaston. Once Casca, Judeau, Griffith, Guts and Pippin remove themselves from between the main force of the Band of the Falcon and the Black Dog Knights, Corkus orders the charge, and the rest of the Griffith rescue force emerges from between the trees to fight off Wyald and his men.

Guts turns and faces Wyald, wanting to settle things personally with the seemingly inhuman warrior.


  1. Guts
  2. Griffith
  3. Judeau
  4. Casca
  5. Pippin
  6. Wyald
  7. Skull Knight (flashback)
  8. Zodd (flashback)
  9. Corkus
  10. Gaston