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"Demon Dog (1)" is episode 59 of the Berserk manga series.


The King of Midland sits alone in the throne room. He recalls the day Griffith slept with Charlotte, and he blames the Falcon for stealing his beloved daughter away. The king then recalls how the Black Dog Knights came to be.


The result of the duel between Wyald and Barbo.

Five years prior, Midland was scrabbling for soldiers due to the Hundred-Year War raging on in full force. To curb his need for an army, he assembled all able-bodied criminals in Midland and offered them work as soldiers. One man, Wyald, stepped up to assume command over the criminals. Another convict, a large man named Barbo, took offense to the smaller Wyald thinking he was entitled to command. At Wyald's request, the King of Midland authorized a duel between the two to determine who would lead the Black Dog Knights. Barbo's restraints were removed, but Wyald chose to keep his on. Barbo was then armed, but Wyald was not. The result of the duel: Barbo was impaled on an ornamental spire atop a tall tower, having been thrown by the victorious Wyald.

The king has felt an inhuman presence emanating from Wyald, and says that the Black Dog Knights have accomplishments under their belt similar to the ones earned by the Band of the Falcon. With the Black Dog Knights on their heels, the runaway mercenaries will have no chance.

On a farm just outside Wyndham, Griffith is bandaged up, and the band members are given a cart, some horses, and clothes for Griffith by the well-meaning farmers who still hold Griffith and his band in high regard. Judeau drives the cart, Casca sits in the back with Griffith, and Guts and Pippin ride their own horses. Casca props Griffith up so that he can watch as Wyndham, the capital city of the kingdom Griffith wanted to seize, slowly fades into the distance.

Wyald and his gang wander onto the farm and ask the farmers if they have seen a group with a wounded man. The girl he asks trembles in fear. To amuse themselves before beginning to hunt after the Band of the Falcon, the Black Dog Knights destroy the farm and kill and rape everyone living on it.


  1. King of Midland
  2. Charlotte
  3. Anna
  4. Wyald
  5. Barbo
  6. Judeau
  7. Guts
  8. Griffith
  9. Pippin
  10. Casca